Why Eng. Plamen Rusev calls for urgent resumption of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis project?

Бургас-Александруполис. Снимка: Wikimedia

„It is high time politicians stop lying to the people and start working for the benefit of the country! They do nothing for the people, but justify their corruption and theft with geopolitics. They have terminated the concession of the port of Rosenets and the only results of this are: an increase in bureaucracy, an increase in costs, hindering the work of the refinery, termination of the investment programme. And all this in order to introduce a special management regime, after which certain companies can use Rosenets to import oil and petroleum products.“

This is what the Chairman of Burgas Maritime Association, Eng. Plamen Rusev, which continues as follows:

„It is obvious to specialists that this is only possible if the refinery stops working. For the Sofia panel politicians it is interesting what will happen. Do not step on the same hoe again! Just over ten years ago, Deputy Prime Minister Djankov stopped the refinery’s work with other motives, but with similar loud promises that it would not affect the fuel market, and only a week later had to urgently ask for production to be restored to the old volumes.

Now a few MPs, led by hereditary party secretary Ivo Mirchev, are tabling a bill to end the EU’s derogation on Russian oil imports. Reasons – to reduce Russia’s oil export revenues??? A lie and a fraud!

First – our about 8 million tons a year are a tiny fraction compared to the quantities exported to China, India, Turkey, EU countries. Second – the aim is for companies close to the MRF and GERB to import cheap oil products produced in Turkey from the refining of Russian oil and sell them to us at a high price. Third – the idea is not to manage the complex production, but to put a hand on the cash flows and divert funds to the „right“ people and parties! To disguise this, it is even envisaged that a foreigner, probably an American, will be brought in as a representative of the state.

This is the reason why the MC does not create conditions for the refinery to switch to non-Russian oil. What is happening with the advertised oil pipeline from Alexandroupolis to Bulgaria? The latest news is that it is designed to reach Stara Zagora! And „Lukoil-Neftohim“ is still in Burgas. And is any thought being given to the additional oil tanks needed if relying only on transport via the Bosphorus? Delays of 30 days for this traffic is normal in the winter period! It is clear that the blame for the sharp increase in the price of oil products in Bulgaria and the eventual production shutdowns will be placed on Lukoil-Neftokhim – a common practice of Bulgarian politicians when they themselves are to blame for the mess they have caused!

We, the citizens, pay for all the follies!!!

In this situation, it is absolutely necessary to urgently resume the project „Burgas – Alexandroupolis“, which was to transport the oil of the company „Chevron“, extracted by them in Kazakhstan. The project was also intended to fully supply the Bulgarian refinery. Of course, this project always was, is and will be against the interests of our south-eastern neighbour, but it has great economic benefits for Bulgaria! Moreover, there is already a declared private investor interest!!!

The gentlemen ruling politicians, especially those from GERB, should start working for Bulgaria, not for someone else’s interests, even if they are their own! Elections are coming and it is time for Bulgarian voters to blast the marginal politicians and parties!“

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