Кметът Белгин Кадиш и председателят на ДПС Мустафа Карадайъ

No shame: The MRF nominated a candidate for mayor of the village of Manolich,...

Current mayor of Sungurlar village of Manolich Belgin Kadish was elected for a new term by the MRF. This is shown by a Iskra.bg's...
Станимир Рагевски.

Ragevski spoke in court after watching the dashcam footage: “I don’t have one.” But...

“I don't think it's me. I am certain. The gait is not mine. I don't have such a jacket ... with such inscriptions.” This was...

An NAFA employee caught five migrants in the reeds of Vaya Lake in Burgas

Five illegal migrants were caught with the help of an employee of the National Agency of Fisheries and Aquaculture (NAFA) in Burgas this morning. The...
Румен Радев

Radev: The only purpose of the „reform of the services“ is their subordination

"The only purpose of the so-called "reform of the services" is to subordinate them so that no one can learn about the government's misdeeds...
Акад. Николай Денков

Denkov: Russian priests were not expelled, but people who worked against Bulgaria’s national interests

“Russian priests were not expelled, but people who worked against Bulgaria's national interests.” This is what Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov said on the occasion of...

Bulgaria with tragic data on cancer deaths that can be avoided by vaccine

The incidence of cervical cancer in Bulgaria is 28.7 per 100,000 women, compared to an average for the European Union of 13.4 per 100,000...
Слави Трифонов

Slavi about Anton Hekimian: Borisov called journalists “ducks”. Apparently there is a duck

The leader of "There are such people" Slavi Trifonov commented on the decision of GERB to elect Anton Hekimian as their candidate for mayor...

Are non-conformists liked in Bulgaria?

What is the difference between conformists and non-conformists? Are non-conformists liked in Bulgaria? Dian Todorov reflected on these questions in his latest analysis. In...
Константин Бачийски

Konstantin Bachiyski: The winning economic formula for Burgas is more ships and fewer restaurants...

For the first time in 16 years, the future of Burgas Port is strongly linked to the results of the upcoming local elections. That's because...
Мария Маркова и Емил Павлов

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of the Interior for election trading in Nessebar:...

Prosecutor Maria Markova and senior commissioner Emil Pavlov gave details about the detained employee of the Nessebar Municipality for electoral trade. During the police actions,...
Отровени животни

Nightmare near Plovdiv: Dozens of cats and dogs poisoned overnight

Dozens of cats and dogs were poisoned overnight in the Plovdiv village of Kaloyanovo. This was reported by Andzhela E. on Facebook, who posted...
Иванка Сотирова

Citizen to Iskra.bg: GERB entered my property illegally, they didn’t even spare my grandchildren’s...

"GERB entered my property illegally, they didn't even spare my grandchildren's prams. My whole house is cracked and about to collapse.'' Another victim of the...

The Agency for State Financial Inspection: There are significant violations in public procurement of...

In half of the inspected public procurements of the Metropolitan Municipality for the period from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2021 for the...

Burgas residents stage a new protest due to the delayed repairs in the „Lozovo“...

Residents of the two Burgas neighborhoods "Lozovo" and "Dolno Ezerovo" are preparing a new protest because of the delay in the work on the...

Why Eng. Plamen Rusev calls for urgent resumption of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis project?

"It is high time politicians stop lying to the people and start working for the benefit of the country! They do nothing for the...
Пламен Янев

The Regional Governor of Burgas warned about numerous deals involving municipal land before the...

Regional Governor of Burgas Plamen Yanev, warned about numerous deals involving municipal property. He revealed that in the last months of his mandate, the municipal...
Акад. Николай Денков

The Bulgarian Association of Restaurants and the Society of Restaurants in Bulgaria: The Prime...

Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov proved that he understands less about tourism and Minister of Tourism Zaritza Dinkova, who does not understand anything about tourism....
Корнелия Нинова

Ninova: We cannot have a fragmented law after every flood

"Let's create a working group in Parliament to gather all legislative proposals with consultation of experts, and take sensible and strategic decisions. We cannot...
Съдебен процес

The brother of stabbed Ivan Angelov from Burgas: His killer is walking free!

Plamen Rusev, who stabbed Ivan Angelov with a knife in broad daylight on 27 November 2022 near the New Post Office in Burgas, has...
Мустафа Емин

After the scandal related to Pirogov Emergency Hospital: Mustafa Emin resigns

Mustafa Emin resigned from his position as an advisor in the political cabinet of the Minister of Defence Todor Tagarev. He announced this himself...

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