Tsvetozar Tomov

Tsvetozar Tomov: The political pressure on the CEC is inadmissible

There is political pressure on the Central Election Commission (CEC), which is unacceptable, its spokesman Tsvetozar Tomov said. He stated that he would not...

Another protest of doctors and patients from „Pirogov“, there was talk of mass departure

Doctors and patients from “Pirogov” protested again after the dismissal of the director of the emergency hospital, Prof. Dr. Asen Baltov. The dissatisfied expressed...

The parliamentary vote in April and July: What and why has changed the attitude...

On April 4 this year, the regular parliamentary elections in our country were held. At them exactly 50.61% of Bulgarians expressed their preferences among...
Слави Трифонов

Slavi announced the priorities of „There Is Such a People“. What are they?

In a statement today before 7/8 TV, the leader of the party "There is such a people" Slavi Trifonov presented the leading priorities for...

The Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Association of Establishments: Not a...

The Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Association of Establishments expressed their position on the recent events in the country and in...
Boyko Rashkov

Rashkov says Bulgarians sell their votes for bread, lentils and firewood

Scandalous facts about the way of buying votes in Bulgaria were presented by the acting Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov. He announced that Bulgarians...
Асен Василев

Vasilev: Road Infrastructure Agency has spent BGN 2.5 billion over its budget, the prosecutor’s...

“Until yesterday, the Ministry of Finance did not have summary information on who, how, for what and through which companies spend the largest sums...

There is a 400% increase in pre-trial proceedings against citizens’political rights

As of July 7, there is a 400 percent increase in the pre-trial proceedings against citizens' political rights / Art. 167-169 of the Penal...
Министерство на младежта и спорта

The National Audit Office will inspect the Ministry of Sports

The National Audit Office will inspect the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This was announced at a briefing by the caretaker Minister Andrey Kuzmanov....
Diana Kovacheva

The Ombudsman: 803,000 pensioners receive less than BGN 369 per month

According to the National Statistics, 803 thousand people receive pensions below the poverty line of BGN 369. According to Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva, when we...
ТЕЦ-Варна. Снимка: Isinov/Wikimedia Commons

The Prosecutor’s Office will investigate Ahmed Dogan over “Varna”

The Sofia Appellate Prosecutor's Office (SAPO) overturned the refusal of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office (SCPO) to investigate the sale of "Varna" TPP EAD...

Who embezzles the billions of inflated household bills and how can the problems be...

Every year, the media publishes articles about the shock rise in electricity, gas and water prices. In front of the State Agency of Energy...

Rashkov: Former Interior Minister wants to attract 15,000 Macedonians to vote in Bulgaria

"In Kyustendil we have a very interesting case for buying votes. There, a former interior minister held a meeting these days with a former...
Venelina Popova

An attempt has been made to „respect“ Venelina Popova. Why did the Ministry of...

On June 28, Venelina Popova was invited to the police to testify for her analytical comment in "Toest" on March 6, 2021. It is...

New revelations: Billions have been spent by state-owned companies without public procurement

New revelations about the way the previous rulers spent state financial resources were made by three caretaker ministers - Finance Minister Asen Vassilev, Economy...

Tour operators protest – insinuate caretaker tourism minister to resign

Tour operators and industry representatives protested demanding the resignation of caretaker Minister Stela Baltova. They are dissatisfied with the fact that the BGN 16...

Minister Todorov: Administrative violations have been established in the Bulgarian State Railways

The inspections at the Bulgarian State Railways have established certain administrative violations. This was revealed by Minister of Transport Georgi Todorov on the air of...

The tourism industry on protests, demanding an urgent meeting with the minister

Representatives of Future for Tourism want the Minister of Tourism to resign or else they will protest tomorrow. They are not satisfied with the...
Валентин Терзиев

Black box and black thoughts….

Black box and black thoughts…. The good news is that the black box from the crash with the Bulgarian pilot has been found. The bad...
Boyko Rashkov

Minister Rashkov said that in some places there was unprecedented pressure on citizens to...

The Ministry of the Interior has identified a number of people who are starting to organize vote buying. This was announced by Deputy Prime...


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