The new head of Bulgarian State Railways: The state of the company is not stable, the losses are over BGN 400 million

Влак. Снимка: БДЖ, Фейсбук, Архив

The state of Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ) is not stable and the company’s losses amount to more than BGN 400 million, Chairman of the Management Board of the Railways Simeon Evtimov. He pointed out that he didn’t want to create the expectation of faster trains, but he and his colleagues are focused on the very things that depend on them as a company offering a transportation service. According to him, these are things that can be improved by mobilizing their own resources.

The first and priority task is the drastic improvement of the cleanliness in the trains, Evtimov stressed and specified that this should happen in the first months.

Asked how all this will happen without a rise in ticket prices, Simeon Evtimov replied that what is now on offer can hardly be described as a „service„. According to him, over the past years BDZ has lost its profile as a national carrier and a standard needs to be created that the railway can maintain with different service parameters.

The conditions for renewal are good at the moment because there is a European policy for green mobility and BDZ itself is ready for restructuring, Evtimov said. He is adamant that we cannot draw parallels with the German and Japanese railways. The aim will be to modernize scheduling technology.

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