Glavchev with harsh comments on North Macedonia and a warning for the elections on 9 June

Димитър Главчев
Димитър Главчев. Снимка: МС

“We have nowhere else to make concessions”, caretaker Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Dimitar Glavchev told journalists on the election results in the Republic of North Macedonia and the European path of the country’s development. He called for waiting to see what the composition of the new government in Skopje will be.

“I hope they will also continue their European perspective. Our country has nowhere to make concessions. Our position is pan-European. It is clear to our friends that if they do not comply with the requirements for EU membership, it will not work”, he said. The caretaker prime minister also commented on the upcoming elections on 9 June:

“Let the campaign be fair and transparent. Let them reduce the tension a little, but who am I to give advice to political parties. Yesterday I became aware of a challenge. In this election, 3 times more numbers will be processed from the electoral records than in the previous election, and the number of RECs is the same. You should know by now that this will cause a delay in the official results. So that there is no speculation that something is being done „in the dark“ – I am telling you this fact. There is nothing to be done. The number of RECs has been determined by the electoral code, every effort will be made, but let’s not build up tension that the results are being delayed because of some other practices.”

“Whatever depends on us we will do it. I cannot say how much the delay will be, it will be speculation if we say something like that. Now we will talk to the CEC as well. Through the media, I appeal to the public for more tolerance. I think that within 48 hours they will be able to announce the results, but I do not want to speak on their behalf”, said Dimitar Glavchev.

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