Мустафа Емин

After the scandal related to Pirogov Emergency Hospital: Mustafa Emin resigns

Mustafa Emin resigned from his position as an advisor in the political cabinet of the Minister of Defence Todor Tagarev. He announced this himself...

Can the natural disaster in Tsarevo be avoided and who will take responsibility “after...

The flood in Tsarevo caused the reaction of politicians and public figures, according to whom the disaster could have been avoided if preventive measures...
Пазар на труда

Plamen Dimitrov: Bulgarians have long made more profit than they get

"For a long time, more profit has been made in our country than received. Over 40% of all employees receive a salary of up...
Евгений Кънев

Evgeny Kanev: Let’s recall some acts of „patriotism“ since we became members of the...

Economist Evgeny Kanev commented on the revelations of the Anti-Corruption Fund about the affairs of GERB leader Boyko Borissov /BB/ with the Turkish Stream...
Слави Трифонов. Снимка: Личен архив

Slavi: Who is calling Boyko Borissov like an abandoned girlfriend? You, Kiro, you!

Leader of "There is Such a People" Slavi Trifonov shared a post on Facebook, where he commented on the claims of Co-Chairman of "We...
Министър Калин Стоянов

The Interior Minister at the unveiling of a memorial plaque to the fallen policemen:...

Today marks a year since the tragedy in which two police officers died in the line of duty. In Burgas, the memorial plaque of the...
Народно събрание

The Presidency: The reasons for the dismissal of the Secretary General of the Ministry...

The reasons for the proposal to dismiss Chief Commissioner Petar Todorov from the post of Secretary General of the Interior Ministry are entirely political,...
Иван Айрянов

Citizens alerted Iskra.bg: Mayor of Sredets village with obscene photos on a monument

Citizens were outraged by obscene photos of Deputy Mayor in the village of Svetlina, Sredets Municipality, Ivan Airyanov. The reason for their sharp reaction...
Тодор Тагарев

Minister Tagarev: Russian provocations in the Black Sea hinder free shipping

The security environment has been greatly altered since the foundations of the European security architecture were attacked in February 2022. Bulgaria supports the legal...
Димитър Ганев

Dimitar Ganev: The series of assassinations are a bad message to our international partners

"The worst thing about the series of assassinations in recent months in our country is the message to our international partners." This is what political...
Фар-Ахтопол след ремонта

The outcome: Is the authenticity of the Ahtopol Lighthouse restored?

Citizens contacted Iskra.bg to report that after the repair of the Lighthouse in Ahtopol, it lost its authenticity. Local residents were outraged at his...

Wizz Air have to present a plan to deal with flight delays and cancellations

By tomorrow, Wizz Air airline have to submit an Action Plan to the Directorate General “Civil Aviation Administration” (DG CAA) with preventive measures against...
Фар-Ахтопол след ремонта

Citizens asked: who desecrated the emblem of Ahtopol – the lighthouse?

The southernmost town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - Ahtopol, is located at the foot of Strandzha, on a rocky peninsula. The town...
Мая Манолова

Manolova demanded the resignation of the Minister of Energy because of the doubling of...

"We are here to demand the resignation of the Minister of Energy because of the electric shock he has prepared for consumers by taking...
Д-р Емил Кабаиванов

Did Emil Kabaivanov expel the mayor of Kalofer from a meeting of mayors?

The mayor of Karlovo, Dr. Emil Kabaivanov, expelled his Kalofer colleague Rumen Stoyanov from a gathering attended by all the mayors in the municipality...
Събор в Калофер

Rumen Stoyanov gathered the mayors of Bulgaria in Kalofer

The National Association of Mayors of Town Halls held its traditional outdoor summer assembly on July 29. This year, in addition to mayors, citizens...
Международен панаир Пловдив

The Ministry of Economy and Industry seized 29% of the shares of the Plovdiv...

The shares, subject to in-kind contribution by the Municipality of Varna to “Paldin Turinvest” JSC, representing 29% of the capital of "International Fair Plovdiv"...
Акад. Николай Денков

Denkov: We are witnessing another sadistic act that went unnoticed by the justice system

"People are angry again because we are witnessing another sadistic act that went unnoticed by the justice system. It is time for each of...
Пламен Янев

The Regional Governor of Burgas demanded: Lower water price and demolition of the illegal...

Regional Governor of Burgas Plamen Yanev held an opening press conference. The event took place at 11:00 a.m. in the Regional Administration. Yanev announced...
Мариян Секулов

The arsonist from Tsarevo turned out to be close to the local authorities, with...

The man who tried to set fire to the company cars of public figure Emil Peychev in Tsarevo has been arrested. This is Mariyan...

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