The candidates of the „Edinenie“ party from Burgas have registered for the upcoming elections on June 9

ПП "Единение"
ПП "Единение". Снимка: ПП "Единение"

„Edinenie“ party officially submitted the necessary documents to the Regional Election Commission in Burgas.

The event, which took place at 12:00, showed the determination of the „Edinenie“ party to actively participate in the political life of the country. The candidates for people’s representatives from the party presented their views and programs for the development of the region and the country.

“Our goal is to contribute to the development of Burgas and Bulgaria. It is our priority that the voice of the citizens is heard at the national and European level. Attitudes towards the upcoming elections are quite positive, as we made many tours in the country and contacted Bulgarians and abroad who support us. We believe that we have reached more and more people with what we do on and off the field”, declared the leader of the lists for Burgas, Eng. Nikolay Kyuchukov. For his part, Dr. Eng. Rumen Petkov said:

I think that the Bulgarian people deserve a better future, but in order to have one, there must be people who fight for it.”

“Political party “Edinenie” is distinguished from other parties by its identity, by the protection of the Bulgarian land and the sovereignty of Bulgaria. To achieve these main goals, the party is among the people and works for all Bulgarians in order to be able to build a more successful and prosperous country”, stressed lawyer Stoyan Arnaudov.

We also attach the list with the names of the candidates for the elections from the Burgas region:

  1. Nikolay Kyuchukov – Burgas
  2. Rumen Petkov – Burgas
  3. Nikolay Zhekov – Aytos
  4. Diana Petkova – Burgas
  5. Georgi Zhelev – Karnobat
  6. Desislava Teneva – Burgas
  7. Danail Marinov – Pomorie
  8. Martina Gulemerova – Burgas
  9. Danka Rangelova – Aytos
  10. Georgi Kaloyanov – Nessebar
  11. Rossi Zhelyazkova – Tsarevo
  12. Georgi Dimov – Burgas

We remind you that the deadline for registration expires today at 17:00. On May 8, the Central Election Commission will hold a draw to determine the consecutive numbers on the ballots, which will kick off the official election campaign.

The participation of the “Edinenie” party in the elections emphasizes the party’s desire to solve current problems facing the country and the European Union. The party relies on the support of all Bulgarian citizens in order for Bulgaria to have a more dignified future.

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