The Regional Governor of Burgas demanded: Lower water price and demolition of the illegal buildings in Rosenets

Пламен Янев
Пламен Янев. Снимка: Искра.бг

Regional Governor of Burgas Plamen Yanev held an opening press conference. The event took place at 11:00 a.m. in the Regional Administration. Yanev announced that he would focus on transparency and publicity in his decisions and actions.

Plamen Yanev said during the press conference to journalists:

„As Regional Governor, I have a number of challenges. I will make three points that are in a different direction. They will outline my vision of what should happen in a regional administration. The only option to start the development of our country is the decentralization of power. This is a commitment we have made since joining the European Union, and unfortunately it has been noticed over the years that we are going in the opposite direction. The lack of decentralization limits the importance of decision-making. In the coming months, I intend to make a number of proposals to the executive and legislative authorities in this direction, I will certainly seek assistance from absolutely all authorities.“

„The second point I want to touch on is the huge problems in the water supply sector in our region, which have accumulated over the years and will be very difficult to solve in a short period of time, but I think a start should be made. First, the Yasna Polyana case must be resolved. A long-term solution must be found for the southern part of the Black Sea, but the quality of the water must also be at the required level,“, the Regional Governor of Burgas said. He pointed out:

„I will bring in an extraordinary point, with which we will demand a reduction in the price of water. I will seek support from all the mayors and invite them to a closed meeting to see if we can unite the EU. For me, raising the price of water is unjustified.“

„The third point is related to the fact that the public order for the demolition of the illegal buildings in Rosenets will be determined as soon as possible. Only once so far has a public procurement been announced, where no candidates have appeared,“, Yanev said firmly.

Plamen Yanev defined his vision:

„A manager and ruler’s main goal is to leave more opportunities behind for the next people than he inherited. Only if you take advantage of the opportunities provided to you, and there is a closed path left behind, that is, you have done nothing.“

Plamen Yanev took the post after Prof. Maria Neykova, who was appointed by the caretaker government. The change is a fact by decision of the Council of Ministers № 523/28.07.2023. Prof. Neykova handed over the post to Plamen Yanev in the presence of the administration employees, symbolically handing the new governor the key of the office. He is a familiar name to the residents of the district, as until now he held the position of Deputy Governor.

He has many years of experience in the banking and financial sector. He holds a Master’s degree in Insurance, two Bachelor’s degrees in Insurance and Social Activities and in Business and Financial Control from  from the Dimitar A. Tsenov Academy of Economics in Svishtov.

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