The Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of the Interior for election trading in Nessebar: They caught a municipal employee with over 185,000 euros and 25,000 BGN

Мария Маркова и Емил Павлов
Мария Маркова и Емил Павлов. Снимка: Искра.бг

Prosecutor Maria Markova and senior commissioner Emil Pavlov gave details about the detained employee of the Nessebar Municipality for electoral trade. During the police actions, sums of over 185,000 euros and 25,000 BGN were found. In this case, pre-trial proceedings have been initiated under Article 167 of the Criminal Code. Commissioner Pavlov said:

„Yesterday, a police operation was conducted by the „Economic Police“ department under the supervision of the Burgas District Prosecutor’s Office following a report that a person had received a large sum of money intended to buy votes. In the course of the conducted professional investigative actions, the sum of 185 thousand euros and 25,000 BGN was established and seized, which amount we currently have data that was intended for buying votes in connection with the upcoming local elections.“

„It is important to note that such an operation is unprecedented at the moment, as we managed together with the Prosecutor’s Office to reach the highest level – to the people who provide the funds and distribute them. The employee is in a managerial position in the Municipality of Nessebar. The money was found in the home of the detained person,“ Pavlov pointed out.

„The pre-trial proceedings instituted are for the offering and granting of property interest to certain persons to exercise their electoral right to vote in the upcoming local elections. This money is intended to persuade individuals to exercise their right to vote,“ explained prosecutor Markova.

„We have a guideline as to who provides these funds. But we are still in the initial stage of the investigation,“ Emil Pavlov is emphatic.

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