Iliyan Vasilev: GERB pays the expenses of Delyan Dobrev for lawyer Nazaryan for cases against me

Илиян Василев
Илиян Василев. Снимка: Ilian Vassilev, Facebook

“I never thought that GERB and Borisov would pay their new star Raya Nazaryan her attorney’s fees in the court case in which she defended the interests of Delyan Dobrev. Brief history – Delyan Dobrev sued me for the fact that with the revelations and writings about his complicity in failures in the energy policy of GERB – specifically the delay of the interconnector with Greece, I have damaged reputation, prestige, caused emotional damage, etc. Delyan Dobre lost in all instances. Now I am suing him because during this year and a half that I lived with blocked accounts it was very difficult for me, including financing the Alternative.”

This is revealed by the analyst Iliyan Vassilev in his latest Facebook post, which continues as follows:

“I didn’t mean to bother you with my personal affairs at all, that’s between me and him. But it turns out that GERB pays for these cases against me to Raya Nazaryan, which covers the costs of Delyan Dobrev in the case.

Delyan Dobrev is certainly light years richer than me, you know why, but I pay attorney Razboinikova and all other legal expenses from my personal funds. Dobrev through lawyer Nazaryan blocked all my personal accounts. I generally thought that everything was personal – between me and him. On the other side, GERB pays the expenses of its „blade“ Delyan Dobrev for the lawyer Raya Nazaryan – Borisov’s new star. Therefore, the entire criminal campaign against me, including the court cases, was funded by GERB at the personal behest of Boyko Borisov, who assured me that he respected me and had nothing to do with the constant attacks against me and Dobrev’s case against me.

Come on, tell me now – the state subsidizes GERB to conduct political activity, and they pay themselves attorney’s fees in slapping cases because „poor“ Dobrev can’t reach out of his pocket?

Here are the invoices for the Invoice person who likes to submit invoices.

I don’t know how the court will judge, I don’t want to influence, but this is grotesque. It is not at all equivalent for me, with my personal modest finances, to fight against the billionaires of the state and the OPG GERB, which pays the personal bills of its members. And let me ask Mr. Glavchev from the Audit Chamber – will you recognize these expenses of the GERB Political Party? And one more question – since GERB pays the personal bills of its boyars, it means that the cases against me are also politically based on the GERB political party. The situation is Iliyan Vasilev against PP GERB. I feel like in 2015, when Moscow blacklisted me. And now don’t wonder, who blacklisted me in the Bulgarian media and who is paying for it? More tonight on the Alternative from 18:00.”

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