Rosen Milenov: The electronic platform „Retribution“ provides an opportunity for direct participation of citizens in government

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Every citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria now has the opportunity to exercise their right to vote and to participate directly in the government of the country on any issue. This is possible thanks to the all-new electronic platform „Retribution“.

We told you in mid-July about the electronic platform „Retribution“, which gives citizens the right to actually participate in government. Its goal is for people to participate directly in local government, parliament and municipal councils. This will be done by voting. Citizens will be able to express their opinion on any issue, bill, memorandum or other decision taken by the authorities. And the deputies, the mayors, the ministers and the prime minister, who were nominated by „Vengeance“, will have to take into account the opinion of the people. In reality, they will simply carry out the will of the citizens. They will not be able to make decisions on their own. In order for the platform to bring its MPs to parliament, a political party of the same name, Retribution, will be set up. The electronic platform is ready and anyone can register. Mr. Milenov stated:

“At the heart of the platform is the principle of direct democracy. This means that the people will play a major role in making any decisions. We have no governing bodies here. Management is central, it is carried out by all participants in the platform. The aim is to completely exclude external influence from people with economic, political, state, foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations. When everyone is involved in making a decision, there is no way anyone can „push something“ and use it.”

According to him, the current legislation, even before entering the National Assembly, controls the candidates for MPs. And they go down centrally from the sponsor in the respective constituency, etc. Thus, when they take power, they do not protect the public interest of their voters, but of the people who have provided them with the conditions to be elected. And the idea of ​​the Platform is for these candidates to be elected by the people, even before they enter the ranks of power. Mr. Milenov explained:

“Thanks to the Retribution platform, MPs will not have a say in the vote. They become a kind of technical collaborators of the people. Each decision will be taken with the participation of all platforms, not by the respective MP. The agenda will be presented by the hour, regardless of whether it is a crime in which Ahmed Dogan, Boyko Borissov or others are accused, what will be done in the „Agriculture“ sector, how the money is distributed, etc. The platform will enable citizens to have direct control over any institution that concerns them.”

The electronic platform „Retribution“ will provide full transparency in the election of government officials, regardless of the position in question. Rosen Milenov added:

“The idea is to reject addictions before they take power. Because this is the main problem of any institution. We want to impose legal mechanisms through which to specify in detail what is laid down in Art. 1, para. 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, namely that the state power derives from the people and is exercised directly by them or through the representative bodies provided by the Constitution. At the moment, this „direct“ ends the „direct“ in management. This is because it is not subsequently foreseen and described how citizens can participate in this government and control public authorities.”

When asked by how the protection of personal data of users is ensured, its founder answered:

„Voting on our platform is obvious. In order for a person to be admitted to it, he submits a declaration that he meets certain requirements. It can be a member of an organization or party, supporter, guest expert or accredited journalist, in which he / she has wished to register the citizen according to the Regulations for organization of the work of the Platform. For the security of users, we have provided in the Internet environment as personal data to appear only a profile picture and the three names. We also allow journalists either as an observer or as a citizen.“

Last but not least, through the electronic platform the people will be able to express their opinion extremely easily. Mr. Milenov concluded:

“The electronic platform“ Retribution „will give an opportunity to all citizens to express their opinion in a civilized way. Technology is so advanced that a vote of no confidence, for example, will be voted on extremely quickly. It would pass in less than 24 hours.”

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