Inspections for Bulgarian goods in retail chains are starting

Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva

The inspections on whether the Bulgarian goods are located in a special place in the trade chains are launched today. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva. According to her the amendment to the Food Law give consumers confidence that what they buy is high quality and safe, and the label corresponds to the content. The fines for violations have been increased several times, the relevant minister specified.

„If so far the fine has been from BGN 250 to 500, it now goes from BGN 2000 to 5000.“

After the amendments to the law, the right of the native producer is given to put a label and to brand that the product is Bulgarian. Minister Taneva added that registration of buses that deliver and transport food with bakery products and animal origin is being introduced, so as to ensure quality. According to her the legislation is too late for online trade.

Food banking is regulated. Conditions are introduced for who can be an operator. Sanctions for various violations are significantly increased. Somewhere this is almost double compared to the current norms. A National Advisory Council to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry is hereby established. “

The Minister of Agriculture also commented on the warning from the European Commission that our country discriminates against imported food products, as follows:

I can give the opposite thesis about everything – we do not favor anyone, we do not impose any restrictions, we do not prohibit any trade from any country. Everything is done for the sake of equality of the Bulgarian producer. “

She added that she wanted to do so on a voluntary basis, but eventuallu she had to do it through an ordinance. The law enters into force after its promulgation in the State Gazette.

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