Minister Ivanov: A full internal inspection of Irrigation Systems is being carried out

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A full internal inspection of Irrigation Systems is being carried out, said the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Ivan Ivanov, during an inspection of the destroyed facilities in the municipality of Sadovo. According to him, the results of the audit will be provided to the prosecutor’s office of both the Bulgarian and the European.

There are reports of violations that are being inspected, including attempts to misuse European funds, to repair irrigation facilities that are in violation of European legislation. For this reason, there is a danger of imposing financial corrections, which will affect the overall financial condition of Irrigation Systems.

Initial data show that the assignment of repairs was carried out in a non-transparent manner, with information about unfair practices, such as discriminatory conditions, the minister revealed. He estimates that the total amount of contracts for irrigation activities is BGN 107 million.

I admit the possibility of a change of leadership. But I will wait for the final information to see who are the responsible persons and to make final decisions, said Dr. Ivanov.

The dike near Sadovo, as well as all those repaired in the last two years, do not have Act 16. Work on them has not been fully accepted, but all activities are fully paid, the minister explained, adding that they are still under warranty and need companies. worked on them, to make the recovery at their own expense. According to him, letters have already been sent to the companies, and if they refuse to upgrade the facilities, all materials will be sent to the prosecutor’s office.

We expect information from the companies in the coming days and I hope the contractual relationship will be respected.

Regarding the dam near Sadovo, it has already been restored, and opportunities will be sought for its full rehabilitation. The Minister thanked „Irrigation Systems“ for the quick response and restoration of the broken sections, which provides peace of mind to farmers. Our primary concern is for farmers and citizens, said Dr. Ivanov. According to him, experts from the Ministry of Agriculture will make the necessary analysis of the situation in the region and assured that all producers whose products have been destroyed will be compensated.

The Minister also specified that the full information about the repairs and the funds paid for the repairs of the dikes was also provided to the Prime Minister. According to him, the Ministry of Finance is also studying the possibilities, if necessary, to allocate money to the regional governors, which will be spent on the renovation of facilities.

We are working in a very intensive manner and from all institutions that have relationships, said Dr. Ivanov.

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