Arch. Ignatov: Many of the procedures in Sofia Municipality cover up scheming

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The system of the Sofia Municipality is inefficient and non-functioning, stated the Deputy Chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council from „Democratic Bulgaria – Unification“ architect Borislav Ignatov for „BNR“. In his words, this „some miracle of miracles“ with a huge staff that cannot solve basic tasks.

The system is poor, it’s bad, it’s not working.

Most of the procedures do not tend to work, so as to cover up scheming, Ignatov said. According to him, a serious erasure of this system and extreme reforms are needed. He commented on the case in which 16-year-old Ludmil died, namely the reaction of various responsible factors is extremely ugly.

It’s as if it’s not about the death of a child, but who can force themselves out of some responsibility.

Ignatov pointed out that we see a panicked escape from responsibility, blurring, looking for notes and things in the past, just to divert public attention from the main culprits – in the face of the GERB government for more than 10 years and Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, which, he said, had done nothing „to bring transparency, clarity and order to this city.“

According to Ignatov, the schemes, which range from small pavilions that make quite large turnovers, to huge catastrophes from an architectural and urban point of view such as the failed subway, leaks in the subways, are painfully familiar. There are maneuvers by „tricky administrators“ who present to the public distorted and false facts.

The resignation of the chief architect of the Triaditsa district, Ivan Shishkov, is an „agreed maneuver.„, Ignatov said. He stressed that this diverts attention from the central municipality, where the problem is rooted. According to him, in the legal-architectural world it is impossible for a movable object to be registered as immovable. The most important thing for this pavilion is to hear 2 opinions and to make these people talk. It is about the owner of the pavilion and this one of the property – the hospital, said Ignatov.

To run a cable through a main boulevard in the capital, through a communication shaft, for low-current cables, to run a 220-volt cable and for it to go along a metal railing on the repaired boulevard. These cable ties and plastic corrugated tubes – they can not withstand weather conditions more than 1-2 years. Everything that has been done and, of course, the sleeping inspectorate, the sleeping police, all this leads to high protections, doubts about something that should not be touched there.

A total reform of the structure of the Sofia Municipality is needed, concluded arch. Ignatov.

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