Hristo Ivanov confirmed: We will participate in talks about a cabinet of real reforms

(от ляво надясно) Христо Иванов и Асен Василев
(от ляво надясно) Христо Иванов и Асен Василев. Снимка: Скрийншот от видео на "bTV"

“A minority government is a bad option, but even worse options are a ‘paper coalition’ cabinet to turn back the clock or another snap election.

This was said by the leader of the parliamentary group of „Democratic Bulgaria“ Hristo Ivanov. His comment comes after „We continue the change“and „Democratic Bulgaria“announced readiness to create a minority government with the second mandate. They have not sought support for it from specific political forces, but have announced several preconditions for legislative support in the National Assembly by Christmas.

“A positive scenario is possible. Bulgaria faces several major national goals – entering the Eurozone and Schengen, launching the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and implementing it in such a way as to transform the country and not just spend some money, carrying out judicial reform, overcoming major social divisions within the 3 percent budget limits and the release of business from pressure as a basic prerequisite for economic growth and competitiveness of the country”, said Ivanov.

According to him, in addition to overcoming the current crises, huge opportunities are opening up for Bulgaria, which, if we do not realize them within 12 months, we do not know when the next political window will open for our full European integration. Ivanov stated that the „Democratic Bulgaria“ gladly accepts the invitation of the “We continue the change” for talks on forming a government of real reforms and moving forward, although this will be very difficult. He emphasized that in the opening talks for the second term, the „Democratic Bulgaria“ will defend its three priorities for supporting a government: constitutional reform for the Prosecutor General and the SJC, a clear attitude to all the risks that follow from the war in Ukraine, together with guarantees for the decisive modernization of the Bulgarian army, and a responsible fiscal and tax policy that supports those layers that cannot cope with the crisis on their own, but within the framework of the budget deficit. The „Democratic Bulgaria“ co-chairman said:

“We have to find a formula of hope that there can be not just some government, but a government that will move the country forward.“ We are aware that it may turn out to be impossible.”

Earlier today, “We continue the change” leaders Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev said that parliament must find a majority to support several measures as guarantees for a minority cabinet with a second term:

  • Rejection of changes to the Electoral Code;
  • Introducing a proposal to amend the constitution against the unlimited power of the Attorney General;
  • Changes to the Criminal Procedure Code for the police to have more investigative powers, incl. against corruption;
  • 3% deficit in Budget 2023;
  • Procedure for selecting the special services and the chief secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, so that the Council of Ministers can appoint them without the intervention of the president;
  • Election by the parliament of KPCONPI with investigative functions;
  • Adoption of the laws on PVU and the plans in agriculture;
  • Adoption of the bills for entry into Schengen and the Eurozone.
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