“Vazrazhdane” party organized a protest demanding to keep the lev and against the adoption of the euro

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Vazrazhdane” party organized a protest for the preservation of the Bulgarian lev and against the introduction of the euro in Bulgaria. The event will start at 12:00 on December 3rd. The organizers comment that the reason for the demonstration is the desire of Bulgarian politicians to make a decision that affects generations of Bulgarians, without considering the current economic situation in our country. According to the parliamentary party, Bulgaria is not ready to become part of the Eurozone, which is also indicated by the report it made public.

“Entering the Eurozone will be irreversible for our country, because there is a mechanism for entry, but no mechanism for exit. That is, the decision taken now will not be able to be corrected by subsequent governments. Of course, this fact is neglected by the supporters of the euro in the country. What’s more, it highlights an obligation that we don’t have”, the party points out and adds:

“Yes, Bulgaria is a party to the Maastricht Treaty, which it signed, and with which it is suggested to the Bulgarian citizens that everything is predetermined. The euro speakers conveniently miss the fact that our country can adopt the single currency now or quite hypothetically in 500 years and this will not violate the treaty, because there is no exact date written in it and each country has the right to decide when and how to adopt the common currency. It is obvious that joining the Eurozone is a decision that Bulgarian politicians are trying to make hastily and under pressure. Knowing the political situation in the country, we can conclude that this pressure is from outside and logically it comes from the European Central Bank.

“Vazrazhdane” also made public the communication strategy that was prepared before the analysis with the benefits and risks of the introduction of the single currency in our country at this economically difficult moment was ready. Through it, the rulers will try to silence dissent and present the situation in Bulgaria to the world in a different way. They will present the people as agreeing without having asked them.

“Vazrazhdane” invites everyone who wants to express their opinion in defense of the Bulgarian lev and against the introduction of the euro in our country, to join the protest on December 3 at 12:00 in the “National Assembly” square.

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