The arsonist from Tsarevo turned out to be close to the local authorities, with many crimes behind him

Мариян Секулов
Мариян Секулов. Снимка: Мариян Секулов, Facebook

The man who tried to set fire to the company cars of public figure Emil Peychev in Tsarevo has been arrested. This is Mariyan Sekulov, well-known in the city, who, according to Peychev, is close to the local authorities, and in the past he was covered up many times for various criminal acts.

„His wife is the second cousin of Angel Tsigularov, who is the shadow mayor or the Gray Cardinal of Tsarevo. Many times, this person was covered up and an umbrella was placed on him, thanks to his close relations with Tsigularov,“, Emil Peychev told

According to him, two years ago there was a serious confrontation with an attempted murder. Then Sekulov, who was visibly intoxicated and in an inadequate state, tried to crash his boat at high speed into that of Peychev and his family. In this case, a report was filed with the District Prosecutor’s Office for attempted murder, and pre-trial proceedings against Sekulov are currently underway.

„An investigation is also being conducted into threats of murder against me, through text messages and calls. Last summer, he had tried to hit me, while I was riding my motorcycle. I then again lodged a report with the authorities concerned. His offenses and attempts to encroach on my life and my family are numerous.”

According to Peychev, foreign interests of the local government are hidden behind these actions and threats, and Sekulov himself was ordered to look for provocations so that political dividends could be extracted from this. He recalled that his lawyer until now was Tanya Yancheva, who is the Chairwoman of the Tsarevo Municipal Council. would like to remind that in Tsarevo, Emil Peychev is known for fighting against corruption, GERB, the status quo, and vicious schemes.

According to him, he is not the only victim of threats by Sekulov, as over the years there have been many reports to the police and the Prosecutor’s Office from local residents who have been harassed by him. The reason for this to continue was that he felt impunity and there was practically nothing to stop him continuing with his arbitrary actions.

Sekulov is currently detained for 72 hours, but Emil Peychev expressed hope that it will be extended, as he believes this man is a danger to society.

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