Scams and bribes in Burgas: What connects Yordan Georgiev, Stefan Stoev, Ivaylo Ivanov and Borislav Gutsanov?

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The editorial office of received a signal in which it was reported that a representative of the BSP disgraced the party with scams, bribes and protection of GERB personnel. Who does Yordan Georgiev actually work for, a personnel officer for Burgas and Varna – for Atanas Zafirov, Borislav Gutsanov or directly for Cornelia Ninova, skipping both.

Yordan Georgiev from Burgas was born on April 10, 1964. He has a private business and is a former municipal councilor from the BSP, and is now part of the board of directors of the „Southeast State Enterprise“ – Sliven. He is known for being „friends“ with all political parties.

His friendship is based on self-interest and in order to satisfy him he is ready to serve any other interests. That’s where the nickname Dancho „Chameleon“ comes from, because he is ready to change his color at any time, as he sees fit. Words such as honor, dignity and loyalty are completely unknown to him. The color of the banknotes is important to him and he has proved it many times.

In the past, Yordan Georgiev has been disloyal to his partners, as well as to clients in his private business. The nature of his work is housing. It is interesting that at the peak of construction he bankrupt a company of which he is a manager and owner. It had quite good potential, real estate and working capital at that time.

Yordan Georgiev is the personnel officer of BSP-Burgas. It is no secret to anyone in the BSP that Yordan Georgiev is the local protégé of Atanas Zafirov, but is that so? Officially, Atanas Zafirov is the second person in power in the BSP who is highly educated, a proven politician. Graduated in Bulgarian language and history at VTU „St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”, and then finances at the same university. He specializes in political science and political management at the Moscow School of Political Studies. Due to his failures in the Burgas region, as a candidate for MP and the poor performance of the elections, Atanas Zafirov was transferred to be responsible for the elections in Sliven, from where he became an MP.

Atanas Zafirov is the man who fights by all means for the heart of Cornelia Ninova, but he is not the only one. The next one is Borislav Gutsanova skilled politician, a successful businessman, leader of BSP-Varna. At the moment he is an MP and chairman of the Transport Committee. He is said to be a patron of the local mafia in Varna and has been spotted in such an environment more than once, even on Facebook there is a group with the emblematic name „Let’s throw out Borislav Gutsanov – the jellyfish from the BSP“.

His nickname „Jellyfish“ comes from a police operation 10 years ago, entitled „Jellyfish“. Different people were detained during the action and one of them is the BSP MP. At that time Gutsanov was chairman of the Municipal Council in Varna.

The BSP tacitly considers him an insidious, hypocritical man who is ready to do anything to achieve his goals / Mrs. Ninova’s heart /. His fellow party member described him as follows: „He is an absolute fool!“. Nevertheless, Borislav Gutsanov skillfully maneuvers and instead of being in prison, he is an MP.

A photo from a few days ago raised suspicions of corruption. The photo shows the current head of the branch of the State Enterprise „Port Infrastructure“ in Burgas / left / and the businessman from Burgas Stefan Stoev / right /. The two are sitting in a famous restaurant in the seaside town and talking sweetly. At first glance, there is nothing wrong, but for those familiar with it, this is a sign of corrupt dependencies between a civil servant and a businessman.

Ivaylo Ivanov / one of the servants of Yordan Georgiev / is the director of the branch of DPPI in Burgas. Stefan Stoev is the son of local businessman Georgi Stoev, who is close to the BSP. The connection between the two is that Ivaylo Ivanov opens a public tender for repair and construction of a building owned by DPPI. The order was pre-planned and it was known that it would be won by the Stoev family. In this case, the company that won the contract belongs to Stefan Stoev’s father, and the manager is his brother – Dimitar Stoev, the company is „KOMPLEKTSTROY EOOD“, UIC is 812080574. The documentation can be seen from the website of the Public Procurement Agency. The order is with number 01158-2020-0017.

The contracting authority and the contractor should not be so close, but this is the case. Stefan Stoev settles everything and drinks calmly with Ivaylo Ivanov. Stoev regularly goes to Ivanov to talk about the order, to document everything, and finally Ivanov to receive the commission they agreed on after giving Stoev the public contract.

According to acquaintances, the connection between Ivanov and Stoev is made by Ioan Ioanov Kostadinov, who is indicated as a contact person for the public procurement. John is the son of the former Red Mayor of BurgasIvan Kostadinov and is very close to Stefan Stoev. Through him Stoev negotiates the order and gives it to the family company to fulfill it.

What do Ivaylo Ivanov and the personnel officer Yordan Georgiev have in common?

Ivaylo Ivanov is from GERB. He was a candidate for GERB MP, his protections are from GERB and he is loyal to GERB, but due to the change of the political situation for Ivanov there are several options – to stay in office until he is fired, to try to develop and leave. up / for this purpose he has submitted documents for head of DPPI / or to repaint and become a BSP cadre.

The latter option is the most correct because dark clouds are hovering over the corrupt coat of arms and in order to save himself he needs new protections, which only the BSP would offer him.

His connection with the BSP comes from Yordan Georgiev, with whom they are extremely close. Yordan Georgiev has already started to polish Ivanov’s image and present it to people from the BSP, saying that Ivanov is the right person, that he has a future in him and that it is good for the BSP to attract such a staff.

What amount Georgiev received to bring Ivanov to the BSP is kept secret and even their close circle does not know, but it is certainly not done without gold.

It is also unknown what Ivanov will be like in the BSP. Is he a supporter, a regular member of the local or national governing structure? This information has reached the ears of members of the local BSP and they are against Ivanov being introduced into their ranks, because they are aware of what a bad joke this move will play for them.
Citizens of Burgas, who are familiar with the situation, are wondering which team Dancho „Chameleon“ is from when he wants to introduce a coat of arms in the BSP. Is this a move to make money personally or is there a longer-term strategy aimed at splitting and destroying the BSP? Because how would the other members react when they find out that there is an active coat of arms among them /so far a protege of Dimitar Nikolov /?

This is a betrayal of the party of the highest degree and should not be overlooked and unpunished, in this case the culprits are Yordan Georgiev and the chairman of the Transport CommissionBorislav Gutsanov „Medusa“.

Does Atanas Zafirov know about the many meetings and insidious actions between the two – Georgiev and Gutsanov / is this a knife in the back of Atanas Zafirov from his protégé Yordan Georgiev /?

In order for Ivanov to be introduced in the BSP, permission from above and the approval of the leadership are needed. For this purpose, Georgiev paved the way for Gutsanov to win him over to his side. Gutsanov’s decision „Medusa“ will be stimulated either with an appropriate amount or with a promise to do some work by Ivailo.

Thus, Stoev’s money passes through Ivanov, then through Georgiev and reaches Gutsanov, who is the most corrupt and is at the top of the scam. All these actions on the part of Yordan Georgiev took place without the knowledge of his friend and patron – Atanas Zafirov.

People close to the party to Atanas Zafirov commented that Atanas Zafirov forbade Yordan Georgiev to staff in places because it is said that he began to severely undermine his authority as a politician and the second person in the party and fighting for Ninova’s heart. Contrary to the direct order, Yordan Georgiev does not stop staffing all kinds of institutions, as well as meeting with Gutsanov to clarify the scams.

Georgiev does the opposite of what Zafirov ordered him to do, but is Zafirov aware of the insidious actions of his friend, party member and protégé? If he is not familiar, how will he react when he finds out what he is doing?

The majority in the BSP wonders why people like Georgiev, Zafirov and Gutsanov are still in leading positions in the BSP. The truth is that the BSP does not need such a staff as Ivaylo Ivanov, because it is a Trojan horse, introduced by Dimitar Nikolov through Yordan Georgiev in the BSP. Such a corrupt and dirty staff will only harm the Red Party, and only Yordan Georgiev will benefit.

BSP members are wondering by ear how long this madness will last and whether Cornelia Ninova is aware of what her pets are doing?

The reason Zafirov forbade Georgiev to see Gutsanov and to frame him is the unspoken enmity between Gutsanov and Zafirov for Mrs. Ninova’s heart. Numerous diplomas show that Zafirov is at least a little capable and educated man, but why does he give the personnel policy of Burgas to the not so capable Georgiev?

To be continued!

From we remain available for all affected parties to present their views on the case!

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