Rashkov: Part of the funds for the construction of the „Hemus“ highway went to GERB

Boyko Rashkov
Photo: Archive

Part of the funds for the construction of the „Hemus“ highway went to GERB. This was revealed by Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov, who was summoned today for interrogation at the Prosecutor’s Office over the case. He then stressed that when a summons is received for any citizen, they are obliged to respond and appear because that is how it is spelled out in the law.

Rashkov himself was adamant that he had no qualms about appearing before the public prosecution and telling what he knew about the case. The case is related to the construction of Lot 5 of the highway.

In fact, the interior minister has said that of the funds that were allocated for the construction of the „Hemus“ highway, not all of them went for their intended purpose. Of the total BGN 50-60 million – as much as was transferred in advance to some of the companies that pretended to be builders, between 30 and 40% were allocated. These sums were directed to one particular political party. At the Prosecutor’s Office, Rashkov declared that it was about the former GERB rulers.

Rashkov stressed that to that day it was not clear whether the Prosecutor’s Office had enough evidence, because when it began the inspection and sale of materials related to LOT 5, there were ten detainees. According to the minister, there was enough data and materials for crimes committed. He criticized the public prosecution for running away from responsibility, arguing that they had no evidence. On the contrary. According to him, they had not even read them, from which 10-15 days were lost.

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