Radev: The Presidency has not received a report from the SANS

Президент Румен Радев
Президент Румен Радев. Снимка: Facebook, Архив

No report to the Presidential Institution from the State Agency for National Security (SANS) has been received. This was announced by President Rumen Radev on the occasion of the decision to expel Russian diplomats from Bulgaria to journalists in Madrid, where he  is attending a NATO summit. He explained:

„The legitimacy of the institutions is in defending the facts and realizing the responsibility of their own actions. Regarding the facts – the Presidential Institution has not received a report from SANS on the subject. At the Security Council of the Council of Ministers, held on June 9, which was attended by a representative of the presidential institution, this topic is not on the previously announced agenda. It is raised inside for discussion in principle, but no decision has been made on it. However, upon the return of the representative of the presidential institution back to the Presidency and sharing the course of the council, the Presidential Institution sent a letter to the Secretary of the Security Council of the Council of Ministers asking about the Council’s decisions. The answer is „No decision voted on this council.“

This clearly shows that apparently the decisions in the government are made by some parallel mechanism, far from the institutional path for decision-making, Radev said.

Reports of this council, according to the representative of the Presidential Institution, have not been exported. General information is generally provided on the work of the appointed working group on the matter.

A meeting of the Advisory Council on the National Council cannot annul a decision already taken by the resigned government, Radev stressed. He reminded that the body that controls the Council of Ministers is the Bulgarian Parliament.

„I also obviously need to be reminded that even if he resigns, the government is responsible for its actions.

The consequences of this decision can be in all directions, the head of state commented, adding that this is not important. According to him, the consequences can be very serious, especially for our diplomatic mission in Moscow. It is important that in this way no decisions can be made in the executive branch on such an important issue.

The responsibility lies entirely with the executive branch, no matter that it resigns.“

At the beginning of his speech, Radev said that at this NATO summit the new strategic concept of NATO after 2010 was adopted, which returns the Alliance back to its essence and mission – to be a guarantor of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and security of each. one Member State.

It is important for the parties to take full responsibility for the mandates that will be handed over, Radev stressed, adding that the time of the consultations had been specified with the political forces before official letters were sent to them.

„I believe that the potential for forming a government within this parliament has been exhausted and another thing that is important, if we go to the election option at all, is the time schedule in which the mandates will be handed out – elections before September 15 are not are appropriate. It is important to see the greatest possible turnout,“, he added.

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