OPBC turns 9 years old!


Today, „Organization for the Protection of Bulgarian Citizens“ (OPBC) turned 9 years old!

The events that took place in Bulgaria and the world did not prevent OPBC from advancing with perseverance and patience. Despite numerous obstacles, we continue to be here and to serve our country and the Bulgarian people. We will continue to do so in the future, driven by the dream of all Bulgarians living in a better Bulgaria.

We have proven over the years as an organization not subject to political, oligarchic or other influence. We have proven ourselves as proud Bulgarians, protecting our compatriots from the harm that various individuals and structures want to do to them. We have proven that we are OPBC.

In the past year, we had a huge amount of work, we made many people’s days happy, and it’s all thanks to our like-minded people and people who support us. We’d like to thank you! OPBC will continue to walk the bright path it has chosen, because we are free and patriotic.

Happy birthday to OPBC!

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