Nightmare near Plovdiv: Dozens of cats and dogs poisoned overnight

Отровени животни
Отровени животни. Снимка: Анджела А., Facebook

Dozens of cats and dogs were poisoned overnight in the Plovdiv village of Kaloyanovo. This was reported by Andzhela E. on Facebook, who posted photos of the nightmarish view.

„We were passing through the village and from the car we noticed a dog dragging its hind legs and couldn’t get up. We thought it had been hit, so we stopped to help it. When we approached the dog, it could no longer stand up, foam started coming out of its mouth and it was squirming. Sweet soul, this animal didn’t even realize what was happening… When I lifted my head and looked around, I realized that we were among many corpses of poisoned animals and those still agonizing. At least ten poisoned dogs and cats were around us.“

Andzhela added that they wanted to take the agonizing animals to a veterinary office, but the nearest open one was 30 km away, and at the same time the animals were dying in a matter of minutes before their eyes.

A 112 call was immediately made and a police team arrived at the scene in just ten minutes. Along with it, an inspection was made for more poisoned animals, as well as where the poison was placed.

„Unfortunately, we were unable to locate it, but the police said they would send an investigating officer to search the area.“

Later in the day, citizens reported finding about 50 corpses of dogs and dozens of cats.

„Local people shared that there have been rumors for years that the Municipality orders the poisoning of stray animals.“

Andzhela added that cameras were located in the parking lot where the dead dogs and cats were found, urging investigators to review the footage to track down and punish the perpetrator.

Locals also claim that ten dogs have gone missing in the neighboring village of Duvanlii in recent days and there have also been reports of poisoned cats.

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