Minister Nikolova: The draft of a new Constitution has pros and cons

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova
Photo source: Facebook profile of Mariana Nikolova

The draft for a new Constitution has pros and cons. This was told by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova, who noticed that she supports the change in the number of deputies and the introduction of the institute for individual constitutional appeal. According to her, all amendments will be discussed and voted on.

„Over the years, there has been talk many times about changes in the Constitution, but we have not seen anything real, no specifics. Different opinions and practices will be heard during the debate. Now is the time to see what solutions politicians are proposing.“

The changes in the basic law are necessary, Nikolova believes and stressed that they must meet the needs of society. According to her, young people and civil society want change and called on everyone to express their visions.

„Currently, all politicians and political leaders have the opportunity to present their proposals. In the conditions of dialogue and consensus the most correct measures and views regarding the new normative changes will be developed. I believe that, since the debate is already under way, a clear message will be given as to what will happen. The Prime Minister clearly stated his message to the citizens. If the Supreme National Assembly is not convened, the decision is up to the government, and we must look at unification and the fact that the issues on the agenda must be resolved. The government has made a clear request for this”, the deputy prime minister said, condemning the clashes and the confrontation of citizens against citizens.

The Minister of Tourism also commented that Bulgaria is a safe and healthy destination, and the measures in our resorts were observed.

„It is a fact that we have the lowest morbidity from the Balkan countries. We need to advertise. Digitalization is the most important and we can advertise strongly on social networks. We now have a campaign regarding little-known places in Bulgaria.“

Minister Nikolova said that she had remarks regarding the advertising campaign of the ministry and claimed that fast advertising on social networks could quickly bring us tourists. She revealed that she has about half a million levs for this purpose.

The line minister also reported that we have spent more than 1,360 million tourists, of which 1 million are Bulgarians. According to her data, we have success in some of the resorts on the Southern Black Sea coast, but there is also a decline in places on the Northern Black Sea coast, and between 1 and 15 August from the hotel and restaurant sector there are 460 vacancies – the newly registered unemployed.

Nikolova forecasts a decline for the winter season by about 40%. And added:

„In the tourism sector, the measure we apply for charter flights provides BGN 55 million, and it works until the end of this year and will be re-notified for next year. Not a single lev from the budget will be lost. All tour operators can apply for it. We have also launched a pilot project for BGN 10 million for the industry of tour operators and travel agents. The estimated numbers are for about 155 – 160 million as a necessity, but the starting amount that was provided is over 10 million. At the moment under the measure 80/20 and in full, we can talk about the new vision, which was created in a month July, we kept over 18,000 jobs, we have over 330,000 employees and 30 companies. More than 3,000 companies have benefited, but the industry will be supported by the new measure and more than 100 companies are expected to be supported by these 10 million.“

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