Kiril Yovnov sabotaged the entry into possession of the new tenant of „Vasiliko“ beach?

Плаж "Василико". Снимка: Искра.бг

The old concessionaire of Vasiliko beach, Kiril Yovnov, won the auction by secret bidding for the rental of the coastal strip, but did not pay the annual rental price on time. As a result, the Ministry of Tourism issued an order granting the right to the concession to the bidder with the next highest price – „Teo Kos 81“ EOOD with manager Ivan Valchev. The company currently has 14 days to pay the rent and take possession of the beach, but during this time it faces a number of cases and obstacles.

Footage taken today shows that Jovnov’s establishment, located on Vasiliko Beach, has not yet been removed. Acquaintances claim that he has put up umbrellas and sunbeds. According to them, he still acts as if he owns the strip of sea. They add:

“The Ministry of Tourism started the procedure without the beach being cleared of objects of the previous tenant. Given this, the beach has many burdens and serious problems. At the same time, Teo Kos 81 EOOD has no problem paying the proposed amount, but they comment that there is a huge possibility that they will not be able to take possession. And the money is not small – 55,000 BGN.

At the moment, Jovnov’s beach establishment, which was due to be removed by now, was being prepared for a wedding on June 26. During this time, the manager Ivan Valchev was wondering what to do. On June 12, before the order of the Ministry of Tourism was issued, he sent applications to the Regional Administration in Burgas and to the Ministry of Tourism, in which he explained the case. He specifies:

“I made several attempts on the phone to find out what was going on with the process and ultimately whether payment had been made by the winning bidder, but I was always answered evasively by the employee on the other end of the phone and directed to call back later or to another official, which made it necessary for me to personally visit the building of the Ministry of Tourism to inform myself about the situation. During my visit, I also did not receive an adequate answer to my questions, which forced me to address a written request for the refund of the deposit I paid. Since my request was not being granted and the summer season had already started, I started calling more and more persistently on the phone asking for information and when my deposit would be refunded. I also initiated this activity from the point of view of the fact that representatives of the winning participant in the procedure began to put last year’s umbrellas on the beach, began to paint and equip the establishment located there and carried out other preparatory actions on this beach in connection with the upcoming summer season .”

And addressed the following questions to the Ministry of Tourism:

Has the due rental price been paid by the participant who won the procedure conducted before the Ministry of Tourism for the rental of the above-described beach in the „Vasiliko“ district of the city of Tsarevo?

Has a rental agreement been concluded with the participant who won the procedure?

If the due rental price has not been paid and no rental contract has been concluded, why was the procedure not continued with the next participant in the auction for nearly a month, and in this sense, on what basis are representatives of the participant who won the procedure carrying out preparatory actions leading to the management of the beach?

Valchev is also concerned about the contract signed by the former regional governor of Burgas, Maria Neikova, for the placement of 6 bungalows directly behind the beach.

On this occasion, he addressed the following questions to the Regional Administration:

Is there a legal approved water supply network for dirty and clean drinking water, which until now served the establishment on the beach managed by the company „Holidayinvest 2009“ OOD, and how and where will the water supply and connected dirty sewage for the 6 bungalows in question be?

If the company in question has not paid the proposed rental price for the use of the beach and does not have a contract with the Ministry of Tourism, on what basis is the establishment built by this company still available on the beach, which will apparently be operated during the current summer season, and who will operates it, including whether the lots for electricity, water and dirty sewage of the establishment will not be used to serve the 6 units in question. bungalows, which, despite the building ban, are being prepared to be installed as soon as possible?

Since there are already sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach, the fundamental question arises: On what basis and who will collect the fee from the tourists for the use of the sunbeds and umbrellas located on the beach?

At the moment, there was no response from either institution. Valchev wants to know how his interests will be protected given what is happening on the beach in question. And he asks what his role will be – just to clean the strip and provide lifeguard

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