Kiril Petkov: The regional approach will allow us to be stronger

Премиер Кирил Петков
Премиер Кирил Петков. Снимка: БТА

“I believe we will be able to deal with the challenges and crises. Bulgaria will be stronger, more diversified, more developed and more regionally integrated.

This was stated by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who participated in the national forum „Investments and Regions: Growth Policies“.

The Prime Minister stressed that all countries in the region must join hands right now, when the map of Europe is being redrawn. The regional perspective of the new map of Europe enables our infrastructure projects to be even more integrated and connected. This should become the fastest growing region in Europe, Kiril Petkov was adamant.

During the forum, Prime Minister Petkov pointed out that along with the opportunities for diversification of energy sources, the government is investing in human capital, including through the Stefan Stambolov Fund.

We remind you that yesterday, at a meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister informed the others that during his visit to the United States, the Bulgarian delegation managed to negotiate the supply of two liquefied gas ships at prices better than those in European markets. and Gazprom.

He did not fail to note that progress had been made on his visit to the United States with regard to F-16 replacement fighters as an alternative to delaying them. Our country will receive support for the protection of the Bulgarian sky.

Petkov also informed that the Council of Ministers will introduce a derogation to reduce the excise tax on electricity and gas.

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