Ivaylo Mirchev: Borisov and Peevski protect the interior minister

Ивайло Мирчев
Ивайло Мирчев. Снимка: Facebook, личен профил

The MP from the coalition “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” Ivaylo Mirchev personally called on the Minister of Internal Affairs to resign and called his behavior “deplorable”.

As a reason, he points to the police violence in Sofia on November 16, when many innocent citizens were injured. According to Mirchev, Kalin Stoyanov is currently being guarded by Boyko Borisov and Delyan Peevski, urging him to tell more about his meetings with the latter. We publish his full comment on the subject on Facebook unedited:

“The morning shows of the televisions are full of new and new cases of being beaten by the police on the night of the protests against the BFS. At the same time, we understand that the minister had regular meetings with Peevski (according to him). It would be interesting if he could tell us more about the subject of these meetings.

One of the most brutal cases involved a 19-year-old girl who was beaten by four policemen, then taken to the police station and vulgarly insulted. At the same time, the minister was at the cinema (according to GERB, a documentary screening).

If the minister has any masculinity left at all, he should immediately resign. And the conclusions here are several:

– Every police officer should have a personal camera. If the soldiers can have it on the front in Ukraine, then it can be done for the native policemen as well. We will make such a proposal.

– Police officers’ service numbers should be visible, not hidden. Anonymous masked policemen cannot beat people and go unpunished.

– Borisov and Peevski guard the interior minister after the brutal violence against citizens and journalists. Let it be clear whose minister it is.

– In the parliament, a commission to investigate the actions of the police should be created urgently, as well as on Wednesday the minister (whoever he is on that day) should be summoned to a hearing in the plenary hall.

– The film „The Lessons of Goodness“ is not a documentary. The minister was not at a documentary screening, but at the premiere of a film from the „Kinomania“ program. All other claims are blatant lies.

P.S. Minister Stoyanov’s behavior is pitiful. His excuses are shameless, and the protection organized for him by GERB and DPS strange, to say the least.”

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