Deputy Prime Minister Pekanov is adamant: The caretaker cabinet will again submit the judicial reform to the National Assembly

Атанас Ангелов Пеканов
Снимка: Президентство

Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov is adamant that our country is not moving fast enough towards judicial reform. He told that the new sanctions under the Magnitsky Act are yet another slap on Bulgaria’s priorities to respect the rule of law.

Pekanov stressed that for years Europe had been telling us that we were doing nothing in this direction. A huge part of the necessary reforms is in fact set out in the Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

The Deputy Prime Minister defined as particularly important the mechanism for controlling the actions of the Prosecutor General. But according to him, Parliament has shown that it is unwilling to consider the bills submitted in this direction. And this is one proof that it is something key and everyone should be aware of.

Thus, we are currently in a situation where the laws have been written and are waiting for the National Assembly to understand that they must be adopted because the country must follow its priorities.

Pekanov pointed out that the draft law, submitted by interim Justice Minister Krum Zarkov, was good. He stressed that the document had been checked by the Venice Commission and the European Commission. In his words, they are adamant that it meets the necessary criteria. And this bill will be introduced again in the next parliament.

The Deputy Prime Minister rejected the possibility of gathering around him people with whom he could implement a new political project.

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