Democratic Bulgaria: The Minister of Energy delays the procedure for the election of a new representative of the state in „Lukoil Neftokhim“ for 7 months

„Демократична България“
„Демократична България“. Снимка: „Демократична България“

Acting Energy Minister Hristov is delaying the procedure for the election of a new representative of the state in „Lukoil Neftohim Burgas“ for 7 months, according to „Democratic Bulgaria“.

As early as October 2022, in the 48th National Assembly, the MP from Democratic Bulgaria Ivaylo Mirchev asked Minister Hristov a written question, when the holder of the „golden share“ in „Neftokhim“ will be replaced, because his mandate has long since expired, especially since did not protect the interests of the state and did not submit regular reports. In a reply to the People’s Representative dated October 28, Hristov stated that „a procedure is being developed in the Ministry of Energy, on the basis of which for the first time in a transparent and objective manner the representative of the state in the specified company will be elected“.

This procedure has already dragged on for 7 months, it is clear from the answer to a question asked in the 49th Parliament to the Minister of Energy by the MP from Democratic Bulgaria Martin Dimitrov, who asked when the procedure is expected to end. In his written answer dated May 18, Rosen Hristov answers:

„A representative of the state in the Supervisory Board of Lukoil Neftohim Burgas AD will be elected after conducting a competitive and transparent procedure. Criteria for the state representative to meet had to be approved and a selection procedure drawn up. But at this stage there are no approved criteria and no selection procedure has been announced.“

It turns out that this is an extremely complex job for a person’s post, taking more than half a year. Dimitrov adds:

“From the answer of the Minister of Energy, it is clear that they have no intention of electing a new representative of the state. Apparently, as long as Rumen Radev rules, the status quo will remain the same.”

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