Daniela Bozhinova on the change of the regional governors: This shows revanchism and election-related goals

д-р Даниела Божинова
Д-р Даниела Божинова. Снимка: Инициатива БГ /БСНГИ

The change of regional governors for a period of 2-3 months is senseless and even harmful from the point of view of public interest. Their replacement shows revanchism, with which Radev’s new caretaker government was formed. It also shows objectives related to elections, but other than ensuring their fairness and freedom.“

This was commented by municipal councilor from „Democratic Bulgaria“ Daniela Bozhinova on the occasion of yesterday’s decision of the official cabinet. She believes that regional governors should be directly elected by the citizens of the region and this will guarantee far greater stability, representativeness and accountability. According to her, this is also a matter of deepening local and regional democracy.

Even at the time of the UDF, there was talk of introducing a second level of local self-government – namely, the electability of regional bodies. It’s not even talked about now. There is no politician or party leader who, having taken power, gives up the opportunity to appoint their praetorians, sponsors, henchmen, etc. together with all the adjoining administration at the district level. There are, of course, good exceptions in the regional leaderships, but they only confirm the rule,“, Bozhinova wrote on Facebook.

None of the Bulgarian political parties like this reform, notes the municipal councilor and adds that the names will change in another 3 months, but there will be no change in the model.

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