Ивайло Мирчев

Ivaylo Mirchev: There are currently no working regulators in Bulgaria

There are currently no working regulators in Bulgaria. This was announced to “BNT” by MP from "Democratic Bulgaria" Ivaylo Mirchev. He stressed that whether...
Овощна градина

Is Tsarevo Municipality intensively selling off municipal property at very low prices?

The land fund of the Municipality of Tsarevo is deliberately sold at an extremely low price. This is what public figure Emil Peychev commented...

Petition submitted to RIEW-Burgas: Tsarevo opposed the construction of a landfill

The residents of Tsarevo united against the construction of a landfill near the entrance of the town. 1,032 people opposed the local government, putting...

SDVR chief: Some of the protesters were looking for a direct confrontation with the...

“Today, the Bulgarian police sided with the legally established constitutional order. We did not allow tensions to escalate and innocent citizens to suffer.” This was...
Река Ропотамо, Община Приморско

Emil Peychev on the case of Ropotamo: Municipality of Primorsko has cleaned the river...

The member of the public, Emil Peychev, two months ago sought assistance from the Municipality of Primorsko to take measures regarding the cleaning of...
Константин Бачийски

Bachiyski defends the interests of the citizens in the “Rosenets”case. And what about Burgas...

The case for the road to Ahmed Dogan's summer barns in „Rosenets“ Park has been postponed. It was filed by the companies “Hermes Solar”...
Aleksandar Sidi

Aleksandar Sidi: Bulgarians have chosen someone who is sitting on the sofa at home...

If the mandate is not fulfilled now, we will go to other elections. The caretaker government enjoys great confidence in sociology, but does not...

Publishers insist: 9% VAT on books to stay permanent

The 9% VAT on books should remain constant - this is what the publishers insist on. They sent a letter to Minister of Culture...
Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov

Goranov: I do not break the arguments of Mr. Bojkov to seek my support

"I do not understand the arguments of Mr. Bojkov to demand my resignation. I am not to blame for the fact that its employees,...
Ivan Geshev

Geshev: We will wait for the Constitutional Court for Radev’s immunity and the expiration...

The prosecution has come under unprecedented political and guerrilla pressure from President Rumen Radev. This was stated at an extraordinary briefing by Chief Prosecutor...
БСП Пловдив на "Позитано" 20

The split in the BSP? Ninova refused to meet with Plovdiv socialists

The Socialists from Plovdiv do not agree with the expulsion of Georgi Gergov from the BSP. They went to the BSP headquarters in Sofia...
President Rumen Radev

The president vetoes part of the Emergency Act

President Rumen Radev will veto part of the State Emergency Act, which was adopted after debates in parliament late Friday. This was announced by...
Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev.

Ivan Geshev said he will not resign!

I will not resign. This was announced by the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev during the special operation he was observing in Shivachevo town. He pointed...

TUFEMI: Governments are temporary, the need for citizen security is permanent!

The protest march-meeting will start in front of the Finance Ministry building on July 15, organized by the Trade Union Federation of the Ministry...
Снимка: Wikimedia Commons

Expert says the required distance will not be observed during the elections

According to the expert, during this year's elections, the necessary distance between people will not be observed. For the first time, voting will take...
Народното събрание. Снимка: Общомедия

Ivanov and Manolova are adamant: We will not support a government, which shows the...

The leaders of the parties "Democratic Bulgaria" Hristo Ivanov and "Stand up.BG! We are coming” Maya Manolova made statements from the parliamentary rostrum, in...
Стефан Янев

Gen. Stefan Yanev about his political project: It is at the final stage

General Stefan Yanev commented on his future political project. He said that he was at the final stage and hoped to announce it soon. "Of...
Кирил Петков

Minister Petkov announced: Council of Ministers adopted strategy “Municipalities without corruption”

The Council of Ministers adopted the strategy "Municipalities without corruption", announced the Minister of Economy Kiril Petkov during an extraordinary briefing. According to him,...
Мая Манолова

Manolova demanded the resignation of the Minister of Energy because of the doubling of...

"We are here to demand the resignation of the Minister of Energy because of the electric shock he has prepared for consumers by taking...
"Rosenets" Park

Dogan’s illegal pier in Rosenets: Institutions are procrastinating and trying to thwart its demolition

A year after the Regional Directorate of "National Construction" - Burgas, started administrative proceedings for the removal of the illegal control object "Way wall...




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