Coronavirus: 3 deaths and 31 new cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria

There are 31 new cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria bringing the total number of infected people in the country to 2,100, announced gen. Mutafchiyski...

Are hotels ready to join the battle against COVID-19?

The tourism industry offers hotels in Bulgaria to serve as a buffer zone between COVID sufferers and healthy people. This practice also existed in...
Железопътна линия

Bulgaria commemorates 35 Years of the Bloodiest Railway assassination in its history

Today is the 35th anniversary of the bloodiest railway assassination in Bulgarian history - that of Bunovo Station. The perpetrator is the illegal organization...

„Reporters Without Borders“ has called for „saving media freedom“ in Bulgaria

The international non-governmental organization „Reporters Without Borders“ has called for urgent action to "save media freedom" in Bulgaria. They point out that the independent...
Gen. Atanas Atanasov

Gen. Atanas Atanasov: Borisov needs a political laundry and that is why he is...

The co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria" gen. Atanas Atanasov stated that GERB-SDS needs six votes for the mandate they will seek over the weekend. “115 votes...
The Council of Ministers

Government: Recording a business meeting without the participants’ knowledge is like seeking conflict

The Council of Ministers /CoM/ with the participation of Minister of Transport Nikolay Sabev and his regional counterpart Grozdan Karadzhov invited representatives of carriers to...
Манолова и екипът й подаряват радиатор

Manolova presented radiators to the head of „Bulgargaz“ and declared: A cold and hard...

“We brought in radiators that have already been removed as obsolete appliances. We plan to present them to the management of Bulgargaz. We will...
Winter resort

At the height of the season, winter hotels began to close

High electricity bills hit the hotel industry very hard. This annual winter season is one of the most successful in recent years, but hotels...

The resignation of the Head of RHI Dr. Penchev provoked a dispute in absentia...

"Be very careful. That sucks. Observe the quarantine, because you are being watched, and we are not anointed like President Radev, where our services...
civil movement BOEC

Protesters blocked the CEC

Protesters blocked the CEC building. They are led by the civil movement "BOEC" and want to attend the meeting, which will begin at 10:00...
Coal-fired power plant

Under the umbrella of the institutions: Power plants connected to Hristo Kovachki save nearly...

Five plants associated with the consultant Hristo Kovachki have saved at least 74,691,047 euros over five years by significantly reducing the data on greenhouse...

What decision did the government make in the case with the Bulgarian National Bank?

“We have shown what leadership is, it is better to take a step back”, said Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on the resignation of Andrei...
Пламен Янев

The Regional Governor of Burgas warned about numerous deals involving municipal land before the...

Regional Governor of Burgas Plamen Yanev, warned about numerous deals involving municipal property. He revealed that in the last months of his mandate, the municipal...
Иван Гешев

Geshev: Road safety problems are due to carelessness

Bulgarian citizens do not deserve what is happening to them in the crime segment regarding traffic accidents. This was commented by the chief prosecutor...

New decision: The old building of the Children’s hospital will be demolished and a...

The building, which was to be completed as a new children's hospital in Sofia, will be demolished and a new pediatric hospital will be...
Брифинг на БСП

The Bulgarian Socialist Party categorically denied that the leadership had unconstitutionally changed delegates to...

The Bulgarian Socialist Party has issued an official position following accusations that 60 delegates were unconstitutionally replaced for the party's upcoming Congress. The Socialists...

The Bulgarian Association of Restaurants and the Society of Restaurants in Bulgaria: Veto the...

The Bulgarian Association of Restaurants and the Society of Restaurants in Bulgaria made harsh accusations against the MPs for accepting an increase in the...
Иван Гешев

A second explosive device was found along Geshev’s route

A second explosive device was found on the route where the motorcade of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev was supposed to pass on its way...

Health authorities promise: Citizens will receive all information about COVID-19 vaccines

"In the coming weeks, we will work actively with the Bulgarian Medical Union to help doctors know everything about each vaccine and be of...

The NFSB and “Volya”will run together in the parliamentary elections

Valeri Simeonov's “National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria” (NFSB) and Veselin Mareshki's “Volya” party will run together in the upcoming April 4 parliamentary...




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