A young man was beaten by four police officers? A report has been filed in the Pleven Regional Office

Емил Недялков
Емил Недялков. Снимка: Kostadin Nedyalkov, Facebook

A man from Pleven claims that his son was beaten by four police officers who were on duty outside a local disco. The father, Kostadin Nedyalkov, commented to Iskra.bg that he immediately reported the incident to the district administration, as he found out who the attackers of his son Emil were from eyewitnesses to the beating. According to him, he is currently in hospital, but is expected to be discharged tomorrow. He specifies:

“We know each other in a small town. From eyewitnesses who saw who beat my son. I won’t write a post like this if I’m not sure about something. Separately, I have other sources that indicate them to me with certainty, even with names, but I am not allowed to say them.”

And what does Kostadin Nedyalkov’s publication say?

“On 11/02/2023 at 04:00 in the morning in front of the Anaconda disco, my son Emil was beaten and crushed by four policemen (civilian, out of working hours) with whom he had no arguments, arguments or anything was. He doesn’t even know them.

Leaving the disco, they hit him and with the first blow he falls unconscious. And from there the fight, fight, fight begins… Like a dog fights. No! Not like a dog, because it has the right to howl and whimper in pain, but like a rag doll that is lifeless and they do whatever they want with it. He didn’t even have the right to roar because he was unconscious the whole time he was fighting.

They only stop beating him when he swallows his tongue and begins to die. He starts snoring and shaking deathly with his eyes peeled, and only the intervention of the bodyguards to pull out his tongue saves him. We don’t know if he turned blue from suffocation, because his face was covered in blood. Blood was flowing in streams.

Other boys, his friends, who leave the restaurant only know him by his sneakers. It was a corpse on the tiles, disfigured.

I can’t call these murderers policemen. These are public servants who receive their salaries from our taxes. I pay taxes between 200,000 and 500,000 BGN annually. I pay for my child to breathe through the mouth, eat with a teaspoon and drink water with a straw.

His pains are from head to toe, with us, the parents are in the heart. I cry, but without tears, to be strong before him. I cry with my soul, but inside me. I am writing today, 12/02/2023, not yesterday, because I had to be 100% sure that the beaters were policemen. I am asking you, who somehow became an inadvertent witness, to write me a private message. Still, 4 trained hitmen beating a 19-year-old boy.”

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