„We continue the change“: We welcome Kozloduy NPP’s independence from Russian fuel

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„We continue the change“ consider today’s signing of a contract between „Kozloduy NPP“ EAD and an alternative supplier of fresh nuclear fuel – Westinghouse Electric Sweden AB, to be a key step towards improving Bulgaria’s energy security. According to them, this is how our country takes an important step towards its independence from Russia in the field of nuclear energy.

In the last days of the government with the mandate of „We continuе the change“, the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov asked to speed up the process of diversification of nuclear fuel for the Kozloduy NPP. He outlined the final rights to the long-delayed negotiations for alternative supplies, so as to guarantee the energy security of Bulgarian citizens.

After the fall of the Petkov cabinet, the process was temporarily delayed after the caretaker government reversed his decision to diversify the supply of fresh nuclear fuel to the Kozloduy NPP and imposed restrictions. Thus, in October, in complete contradiction to the arguments for ensuring a competitive environment, the caretaker government practically stopped the access of the Bulgarian NPP to the alternative fuel and made the country dependent on the traditional Russian supplier.

Then „We continue the change“ party warned that Bulgaria could experience the consequences of these actions for up to 2 years, when the stockpile of nuclear fuel for the NPP will be exhausted. The party also called on the caretaker government not to take actions that will leave a heavy legacy of problems for the next regular cabinet in such an important sector for the economy and national security in our country.

„We continue the change“ welcome the change in the position of the „Donev“ cabinet and the speed with which the contract with the alternative supplier was signed, after the National Assembly voted on November 9 to speed up the diversification process. „We continue the change“ called for speeding up negotiations with other alternative suppliers in order to achieve complete independence of Bulgaria in the nuclear energy sector.

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