„We Continue the Change“ set a condition for the formation of the new government

Асен Василев
Асен Василев. Снимка: Министерство на финансите

„We Continue the Change“ political party has set a condition for the formation of a new government during today’s negotiations with the BSP, which yesterday received the third mandate from Head of State Rumen Radev.

After the talks, Assen Vassilev said that the party wanted the bill on the Commission for Combating Corruption and Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Property to be adopted while the talks were still ongoing and Boyko Rashkov to be elected as its Head. From now on, the BSP would inform the other political parties with whom they would talk on this issue.

It became clear from asen Vasilev’s words that the question of who would be the next prime minister in a possible future government was not discussed. As it became clear earlier today, it will be broadcast precisely by „We Continue the Change“ as the largest parliamentary group.

The BSP, on the other hand, announced after the meeting that they would listen to the requests of all partners and then seek agreement on the specific issues, „DarikNews“ reported. For them, for now, it was most important that the management program, as well as the legislative framework, be adopted and confirmed.

There will be no talks about ministerial posts until the necessary majority of 121 MPs is found, it became clear after the negotiations.

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