„We Continue the Change“: Once again, we are witnessing GERB telling lies on national air

"Продължаваме промяната". Снимка: Скрийншот от видео на "NOVA" във Facebook

„Another day, another portion of Borissov’s people. Once again we are witnessing how GERB representatives are telling lies on national air and on social networks against „We Continue the Change“ in order to distract the public from the real problems that are on the agenda, as well as from sweeping under the carpet the pending issues related to the legislation for an independent investigation of the Prosecutor General and the fight against corruption.“

Thus begins the party’s position paper circulated to the media, which points out some of the lies and what the truth actually is:

„1. Today, from the air of „NOVA“, Daniel Mitov repeated the lie uttered by Boyko Borissov at a briefing on Saturday that „We Continue the Change“ voted against the bill to appoint a special commercial manager for Lukoil.

The Truth: On 13.01.2023 all parliamentary parties, except Revival, voted in favour of the bill allowing the appointment of a special commercial manager for Lukoil.

For the convenience of GERB colleagues, we remind them that transcripts and votes are published on the National Assembly website. And that the legs of a lie are short.

  1. „We Continue the Change“ has not published on its website reports on the donations made to the party, despite being the most donated party, a media article in its Facebook profile Desislava Atanasova and Georg Georgiev in „This morning“ on „bTV“ shared today.

The truth: „We continue the change“ is in coalition with VOLT and CEC. The party in charge of the reporting activities of the coalition is VOLT. The account where the donations are received is also VOLT. It is the duty of the party to upload the donations report on its website and the party has already done so.

For the convenience of GERB colleagues, we remind you that precise guidelines for reporting coalition donations in the election campaign are described in the Electoral Code. According to Art. 163, par. 1 of the Electoral Code, the Central Electoral Commission shall, within five days of the registration of parties and coalitions for participation in all types of elections and of initiative committees for participation in elections for President and Vice-President of the Republic and for Members of the European Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria, provide the Court of Auditors with the details of their bank account designated for the servicing of their election campaign and the names and positions of the persons referred to in Article 164 of the Electoral Code. Pursuant to Article 164(2) EC, each coalition shall designate ONE of the parties participating in it to be responsible for the coalition’s revenue, expenditure and accounts relating to its election campaign. In the case of the „We Continue the Change“ coalition, this is VOLT political party, which has duly published its account of donations received from the election campaign on its website.

  1. „Unreasonable management of finances“, „The financial disaster left by Assen Vassilev is irreparable“, are some of the words of GERB leader Boyko Borissov in relation to the 2022 budget drawn up by the Petkov cabinet.

The truth: The financial policy of „We Continue the Change“ led to the following results – a 3% deficit last year, and this year the deficit is 2.9% on an accrued basis, just below the 3% required for Maastricht and which allows us to enter the Eurozone. This is the budget in which pensions were increased, teachers’ and doctors’ salaries were increased, salaries in the Ministry of the Interior were increased, a record investment programme was made.“

In conclusion, „We Continue the Change“ called on their colleagues to stop lying and added:

„It is easy for us to expose you, but it is difficult for society to tolerate untruths. And it doesn’t deserve it.“

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