The presumptuous Municipality of Burgas: Is money being distributed from the budget for election campaigning?

Община Бургас
Община Бургас. Снимка: Искра.бг

We don’t want to brag. It is our choice what to say. Send the questions again, we are overwhelmed with work.

This is how Head of the „Public Relations“ Department in the Municipality of Burgas, Stefan Minchev, answered the journalists from, who, since September 9, 2022, have been waiting for a response from the local administration to a request made by it for a donation to the „NEFTOHIMIK“ Burgas sports hall.

At the end of August, our media came across a thank you post on social networks from four sports clubs. It is clear from it that after a request was made and a signature was collected from the acrobatics players, the Municipality of Burgas purchased two air conditioners, which it provided to them free of charge. The disturbing thing in this case is that this donation is made during an election campaign and in this case it turns out to be in favor of a single party – GERB.

It all started with the parents of the acrobats, who put together a petition requesting air conditioning from the Municipality. The reason for it is that the trainees cannot withstand either too high or too low temperatures in the hall. After the signatures were provided, the local government responded quickly and provided them with the air conditioners.

The team wanted to clarify the situation and whether the money of the taxpayers of Burgas really went for election campaigning. Therefore, on September 9, we sent the following questions to the press office:

How did you find out about the problem of the sports acrobatics in the „NEFTOHIMIK“  Hall Burgas regarding the air conditioning?

How did you decide to help and what exactly did you help with?

– Where did you find funding and how difficult was it?

– Did you discuss other problems of the sports club that you can help solve and what are they?

We didn’t hear back for two weeks. During this time, we sought a comment from the Municipality of Burgas several times about what was happening with it, and we were told „next week“. Until today, when we encountered arrogant behavior over the phone from the oblivious employees there.

Stefan Minchev replied that „they are not obliged to answer us“, which suggests that they are hiding something and that the donation was only for the purpose of campaigning to vote for GERB. This is apparently the main reason for not giving publicity to their actions. The problem in this case is that children are involved in the sleazy schemes, which is immoral. Young talents will be able to train in better conditions, but the price for this is paid from the pockets of citizens of Burgas, without their knowledge.

The representatives of GERB should not forget that they will soon be replaced and people who have the desire to govern correctly and properly, not corruptly and behind the scenes, may come to power. Citizens of Burgas have long wanted a working municipality for the benefit of society. Once again, we show what frauds are perpetrated by GERB, but it is high time that these vicious practices stopped.

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