The political reactions after the announcement of the nomination of Acad. Denkov as Prime Minister

Акад. Николай Денков
Акад. Николай Денков. Снимка: МОН

„We Continue the Change“ officially announced the nomination of Acad. Nikolay Denkov as Prime Minister. Immediately after that the first reactions in the sidelines of the National Assembly started. Chairwoman of the parliamentary group of GERB-UDF, Desislava Atanasova, recalled that Denkov had been a minister and deputy minister in the caretaker government and in that of GERB. In her words, GERB-UDF will not support a government with a mandate of the „We Continue the Change“. She asked:

„Does this mean that we can talk about a Borissov-Radev-Petkov model? He was also a deputy of Meglena Kuneva. Is it also possible that the National Movement for Stability and Progress or the Triple Coalition will return? And does all this mean that the second echelon of GERB can head a „We Continue the Change“ cabinet?“

„We will have to consider Denkov’s nomination once it is finally approved by „We Continue the Change“. Then we’ll see how he will handle his team. Overall, I see important and encouraging political signs in the nomination,„, Democratic Bulgaria Co-chair Hristo Ivanov said. According to him, Acad. Denkov is not just an expert, but a man with a clear political cause for education. In his words, he had experience in the functioning of the Council of Ministers. Ivanov stressed:

„He is not at war with anyone and cannot be part of the war that is being waged in Bulgarian politics.“

According to Kostadin Kostadinov, the nomination of Acad. Denkov as Prime Minister is a „mockery of the National Assembly“. He is adamant that there is no way “Vazrazhdane“ to support such a cabinet and will not go to a meeting with „We Continue the Change“. He pointed out:

„We cannot support this cabinet for the same reasons we cannot support a GERB cabinet. They have no difference in policies, with them the differences are only personalities. „We Continue the Change“ has no differences with GERB on the important issues and we have a difference with them.“

Stefan Yanev from „Bulgarian Rise“ declined to comment.

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