Summer break amidst national protests in Bulgaria – MPs take vacation

Bulgarian Parliament
Photo: Bulgarian Parliament Website.

This season’s last assembly of the Bulgarian Parliament took place today with MPs going on vacation until September 1 amidst the ongoing national protests, announced the press-center of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Despite President Rumen Radev vetoed yesterday the bill for the national mining resources, Chairwoman of political party “GERB” Daniela Daritkova said the move does not require an emergency assembly of the Parliament and the political debates will be postponed for later this autumn.

MPs summer break comes amidst the anti-government protests that are taking place throughout the country. Demonstrations were also organized by expatriates abroad with a number of international media covering the social unrest in the country.

“The New York Times” said the scandal with the so-called “summer serai” of Party Chairman of National Movement for Rights and Freedoms – Achmed Doghan, marks the moment for Bulgaria when the national fears of foreign political interference spiral out of control. This led to the civil protests against: 

“… the influence of wealthy and powerful puppeteers such as Mr. Doghan who continue to have a major impact on the political life in the country, the redistribution of the nation’s resources, and in this particular case – the utilization of public property”.

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