Some wholesale food is becoming more expensive

Food in supermarket.
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The market price index (MPI), which reflects wholesale food prices, increased by 1.61%. It reached 1,453 points, writes the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets. Its base level of 1,000 points is from 2005. In just 2 weeks, the MPI increased by 3.49%.

This week, the price of greenhouse tomatoes rose by 14.6%. Their kilogram sells for about BGN 1.65. Greenhouse cucumbers also rose in price by 8.1%. They are sold for BGN 1.20 per kilogram. On the other hand, the price of potatoes has decreased by 2.8% and they are sold for BGN 0.70 per kilogram. The price of carrots is also down by 3.8% and sells at 0.76 levs per kilogram. Cabbage also has a lower price – it is reduced by 7.8% and is about 0.59 levs per kilogram. Red peppers are 5.2% cheaper and they cost an average of BGN 1.84 per kilogram. However, the price of green pepper went up by 2.4% and costs about BGN 1.29 / kg.

A kilogram of apples also costs less – their price is down 8.5% and is about BGN 1.72 per kilogram. Apricots are sold for BGN 2.16 per kilogram, while the price of peaches has gone up – up to BGN 1.42 per kilogram. Lemons are traded at BGN 2.85 per kilogram.

Cow cheese has risen in price by 0.1% and is sold for BGN 6.81 per kg. The price of Vitosha yellow cheese is also up by 3.2% and you can buy BGN 11 per kilogram. The price of the oil has risen by 2.9% and it is now BGN 2.12. The packet of butter of 1.25 grams is cheaper and sells for BGN 1.94.

The price of chicken meat rose by 3% and sold for 4.12 per kilogram. Sugar price goes 2.2% higher and it is sold for about BGN 1.40 per kilogram. Flour type 500 is cheaper by 1% and can be bought for BGN 0.99 / kg. The price of rice rose by 2.2% and it is sold at BGN 2.32 per kilogram. Eggs are sold for about BGN 0.17 per piece.

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