Shishkov: The interconnector with Greece – this week Act 15, the next Act 16

Газопровод. Снимка: Pixabay

The gas pipeline with Greece is expected to receive Act 15 this week, and Act 16 next week. This became clear from the words of regional minister Ivan Shishkov, who is on inspection in Stara Zagora in connection with the interconnector with Greece.

“This week we expect to complete the documentary part in order to reach not only ACT 15, but also ACT 16. I expect today to see the completion of the first stage of construction of the site, which will allow it to be put into operation”, said Shishkov. He continued:

“The purpose of today’s inspection is to find out if everything is complete as the last deadline that was given by the builder was for today. A 72-hour sample of the gas pipeline will also have to be done.

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