Radev urged the prosecutor’s office to post the whole chat of Plamen Uzunov

Президентът. Снимка: Фейсбук, Румен Радев
Президентът. Снимка: Фейсбук, Румен Радев

“The only way for the prosecutor’s office to show that it is not acting manipulatively is to publish the full chat, as I suggested yesterday. Otherwise, it will turn out that the prosecution avoids serious problems. And the stubborn refusal to investigate the allegations of outrageous abuses already echoing in the foreign media and in European institutions show that the state prosecution has replaced its constitutional mission with ensuring impunity for corruption at the highest levels of government.”

This was announced by President Rumen Radev in Veliko Tarnovo. Asked whether he would cover the entire chat between Plamen Uzunov and businessman Plamen Bobokov, Radev said it was the work of the state prosecution.

“The prosecutor’s office is on the move. I don’t see what’s bothering them after they trampled on the Constitution and the laws on the presumption of innocence and the secrecy of the investigation, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t publish the whole chat”, he said.

At the same time, it became clear that the Secretary for Legal Affairs of President Plamen Uzunov is currently being interrogated in the Sofia investigation. He was called because he gave wrong passwords to two of the three mobile phones he had used in the last few years. One told investigators it was four zeros. However, an expert examination has established that the password is six-digit and has a letter in it. The other device even tried to damage.

Otherwise, in Veliko Tarnovo, the head of state was adamant that he had no worries about the chats, because there were no abuses with him.

As for the protection of business interests, Radev advised journalists to be more interested in what foreign ambassadors in Bulgaria do, who defended businesses and were interested in what was happening to them. The same was true of foreign presidents, and that was what every country should do. Radev himself was asked many times to stand behind a business and he did it. He set an example with his visits abroad when he led a large business delegation with him.

“It’s different when I say – these are honest, successful, technological Bulgarian companies”, he said.

Radev himself did not communicate through chats. He used other means of communication. Many people were looking for a meeting with him, it became clear from his words.

When asked by a journalist whether it is better to pursue a unified policy in Bulgaria, Radev answered the following:

“You can’t imagine that if they hug the president and the prime minister, that will end Bulgaria’s problems. Bulgaria’s problems will be solved in a completely different way – transparency of decisions, responsibility, accountability, destruction of corruption, stimulation of the business that provides high-tech production. The business, which, despite all the problems in the legislation, manages to export and sell products.

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