Radev: Bulgaria will not send weapons to Ukraine as long as the cabinet is in charge

Президент Румен Радев
Президент Румен Радев. Снимка: Скрийншот от видео

Bulgaria does not support and is not part of the general order for the supply of shells to Ukraine. We will support European diplomatic efforts to restore peace, the president commented to journalists. Yesterday it became clear that during a meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs and defense of the European Union, the joint acquisition and provision of 155-mm projectiles to Kiev was discussed. The head of state is categorical:

“As long as it runs the caretaker government, Bulgaria will not provide Ukraine with its fighter jets, nor its tanks or anti-missile systems.”

According to him, it is proper for the citizens to learn the positions of the political forces that will soon make decisions on behalf of our country, whether they will be part of the restoration of peace or the prolongation of the war. He believes that Bulgaria will give a sign to the European Union about its sovereignty in decision-making.

Radev called the rumors about Bulgaria’s bankruptcy „absolute speculation“. According to him, the state’s finances are stable, and the line ministry keeps state finances stable. He defined as speculation the claims that cuts in salaries and pensions are coming, as well as that there will be a change in the exchange rate of the lev against the euro and there will be new loans from The International Monetary Fund.

Once again, the head of state called for the adoption of a working anti-corruption legislation, as well as a law to investigate the chief prosecutor.

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