New decision: The old building of the Children’s hospital will be demolished and a new one will be built on the site

Photo: Government Press Center

The building, which was to be completed as a new children’s hospital in Sofia, will be demolished and a new pediatric hospital will be built on the same site. This was the decision after a confrontation between Prime Minister Boiko Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev, Health Minister Kiril Ananiev and his financial counterpart Vladislav Goranov.

“We want to build the new children’s hospital with a lot of love. Something that is conceived in trouble, whatever we do, and gold to make it this hospital, there will always be dissatisfied with it. That’s why we decided to demolish the old building, but the place is a very good place in a cluster of other hospitals, in a park environment”, Borisov commented.

During the conversation, the Prime Minister pointed out that the building, designed in the 1970s, will be demolished and a new modern pediatric hospital will be built on the same site, which will guarantee the access of specialists from neighboring highly specialized medical institutions. He announced that he expects the representatives of the organizations in the course of the working procedures to provide him with their proposals and architectural solutions.

“I really appreciate the work of architects, because finding common ground between engineering and architecture is a great talent, and you know it.”

During the meeting, representatives of various organizations thanked the Prime Minister and the government for the decision to provide a specialized hospital for young patients.

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