New coronavirus death in Bulgaria, woman tests positive for virus in Burgas

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The coronavirus pandemic caused a third death in Bulgaria. The casualty is an elderly woman who was treated in the University Multidisciplinary Hospital of Pirogov in the capital city of Sofia. She had recently suffered a stroke and passed away early this morning.

New 13 cases of coronavirus infections have been registered in the country with the outbreak spreading to the city of Burgas at the Black Sea coast. The most recent case of infection has a direct link to the ski resort town of Bansko. The 39-year-old woman worked as a chef at one of the local restaurants in the town. She left the resort about a week ago. About 25 people have been in contact with her since then. The woman has been hospitalized in the infectious disease ward in Burgas.

“There is an increase in the number of infected people with 13 new confirmed cases. The total number of coronavirus cases in the country climbs to a total of 94”, said in an emergency briefing Gen. Mutafchiyski.

In Military Medical Academy in Sofia there 11 coronavirus patients and three more in the hospital of Pirogov. One of Pirogov’s patients has suffered respiratory failure and had to be intubated. He has not been tested for the coronavirus yet but based on the symptoms doctors believe that he is most likely infected.

There are three more cases of coronavirus patients in the hospitals of the Ministry of Interior, Alexandrovksa, and Sofiamed as well.

Translation: Ivaylo Yotov

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