Kiril Petkov with sharp criticism of the caretaker government

Премиер Кирил Петков
Премиер Кирил Петков. Снимка: Скрийншот от видео на "bTV"

Former Prime Minister of Bulgaria Kiril Petkov made sharp criticisms of the caretaker government in a post on the social network Facebook. According to him, at the most important moment for Bulgaria, two steps were taken back, after one step was taken before.

Here is what else Petkov wrote:

„1. A gas crisis headquarters is being set up to operate around the clock – but there is no information requested from the company that is expecting the seven delivery ships, nor is there a conversation with Turkey about a free berth for the ships. No call to the company that reserved capacity for us in Greece. There is no information about talks with Greece to unload more than the agreed liquefied gas at Revitusa, after our neighbors announced an expansion of the terminal’s capacity. But there is already talk about Gazprom and long-term contracts. Don’t we see that even Germany is being restricted from gas supplies from Russia? Isn’t it most important for people to have security of supply? What exactly does the crisis headquarters do?

2. The Greek connection is being put at risk right now as we are on the final stretch of commissioning. With a protocol decision of the new Minister of Energy dated 03/08/2022, our decision of 22/07/2022 was canceled in the part „approving the election of the Supervisory Board of ICGB“. Thus, the company will not fulfill the requirements for changing the corporate structure according to the Independent Transmission Operator model. There is a risk of delay compared to the deadline set by the regulators. This means a delay in the drastic reduction in the price of gas from Azerbaijan. Why? Putting the connection into operation will save Bulgaria millions!

3. Decisions of our government, related to Bulgaria’s place in the OECD, for playgrounds and a day center for the elderly in Yambol are canceled – why?

4. There is an unmotivated change in the management of the NRA despite record revenues, very good collections – why?

5. Mandatory masks are being introduced everywhere indoors in Sofia, given that only 2.5% of intensive care beds are filled – why?

6. Brickell started smoking and fuming again just hours after our government left.
Bulgaria is really at a watershed. The pattern of feudal dependencies, backroom moves and retrograde strategies that cost the country terribly is attacking from every angle.

And the most important thing for people at this moment is to have stability, to have peace, to build and look forward.

That is why the power is in the hands of all Bulgarians. Vote in the next election! Enough of so many steps back in our history, it’s time to break away from everything that keeps us in the past and demand a better life, in a normal, prosperous European Bulgaria!“

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