Kiril Petkov to Galab Donev in the Council of Ministers: There are no mines and traps!

Гълъб Донев
Гълъб Донев. Снимка: МТСП, Архив

„On behalf of our coalition government, I hand over the government of the country to you. Contrary to the suggestions in the political space, there are no conditions for an apocalypse in Bulgaria. There are no landmines or pitfalls to distract you from conducting fair elections.”

Former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov was adamant about this during the transfer of power to the Council of Ministers, who addressed these words to caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev with these words.

Bulgarian citizens, with your help, can have peace of mind and predictability in the coming months. We made sure there was heating aid for people in the winter months. We reduced the price per liter of fuel at gas stations. In just 7 months, we made a real gas diversification. With the launch of the gas connection with Greece already from the end of September, people can feel a decrease in prices. There will also be liquefied gas and the quantities will reach the spring,„, Petkov emphasized.

He is adamant that the caretaker government will not have to put out fires in the social system:

There are funds for school and kindergarten repairs. We increased the salaries of doctors. For patients, we have more funding for research. We leave you a surplus of BGN 1.5 billion. There are over 8.5 billion BGN in the state treasury. We have provided funds under the Recovery Plan. Yesterday, we signed the Operational Arrangements under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan. Although the Bulgarian plan was the 24th adopted, we were the 15th country with signed agreements. Already this week you can send an invoice worth BGN 2.6 billion.

Petkov also spoke about corruption and attributed the fact that his government was overthrown so quickly to the fight against it:

I count on the new ministers not to forget that our government was brought down so quickly because we hit the schemes. This money went to about 20 chosen ones. This fight must continue. I wish you courage, bravery and success.“

„An hour ago, we took an oath to respect the Constitution and the laws of the country. The oath is now in effect. We wish you character, courage and wisdom to defend Bulgaria’s national interest with every signature and decision. Keep your distance from authority so you don’t lose touch with people. Think of every person who will have to deal with the problem and will seek assistance from the state. The state is actually ourselves. In this room, I will also repeat that I expect from each of you 100% work and smart decisions with every Bulgarian citizen in mind. Smart decisions that comply with the law. Smart solutions that aim to improve people’s lives, not just another political message. We have months ahead of us, during which political passions will be heated. The government will aim to introduce productivity,„, caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev said for his part.

He emphasized that now they are about to get acquainted in detail with the successes they inherited from the „Petkov“ office. But he also mentioned the price of natural gas, fuel, inflation, blocked road repairs and sector protests.

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