Ivaylo Mirchev: The Bulgarian services have been breached and “Democratic Bulgaria” will demand their reformation

Ивайло Мирчев
Ивайло Мирчев. Снимка: "Демократична България"

„Bulgarian services have been breached and there are people in them who do not work for the interests of Bulgaria.“

This was stated by the deputy from „Democratic Bulgaria“ /DB/ Ivaylo Mirchev, the department announced.

“The DB has been saying for months that the Bulgarian services have been breached. There are people in them who work for Bulgaria, but are in strong opposition with others who do not serve the national interest. This is unique and unprecedented”, he said.

Mirchev confirmed that if „Democratic Bulgaria“ remains in government, he will insist on a definite reform in these offices. According to him, DANS is the least problematic, while the State Intelligence Agency and Military Intelligence are the ones with the most problems. The prosecutor’s office in Bulgaria also does not work for the Bulgarian interest, but to serve the interest of a certain group of people, said Mirchev. He stated that he has no confidence in this institution.

“When a case comes to the prosecutor’s office, it is ignored or the culprit is called and warned to do what he is told and he is kept on a log so that he is not convicted. There are many such cases – they turn into zombie politicians or zombie senior statesmen under the manual control of the prosecutor’s office”, said Mirchev.

According to him, there is no exact moment to expel Russian diplomats who are not engaged in diplomatic activities.

„There were signs years ago. Whether it is early or late for the expulsion, what evidence is there and who will show it to us – the important thing is that the government and Kiril Petkov did something that other governments should have done”, he said.

According to him, it is a public secret that Russian diplomats mostly engage in intelligence activities and do things that are not in Bulgaria’s interest.

„They were expelled for actions against the interests of Bulgaria, which are standard procedures. Something so unprecedented has not happened”, said Mirchev and reminded that an entire cell of Russian intelligence was caught in DANS. Mirchev also commented:

„There are dependent people at the top of the state. I’m not referring to the president at all. People on whom many things depend in the country are dependent and have been in contact with these services.”

Regarding the negotiations for a new cabinet, Mirchev stated that the DB has no differences in priorities with the mandate holder „We continue the change“ /PP/ – the fight against inflation, the euro zone and entry into the Schengen zone. However, he stated that it is difficult for „Democratic Bulgaria“ to sit down with the BSP at the same table for negotiations on general management.

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