Iskren Veselinov: We call on Radev for constitutional changes to change the governance model in Bulgaria

Искрен Веселинов
Искрен Веселинов. Снимка: ВМРО

„We call on President Radev to initiate constitutional changes to change the governance model in Bulgaria. The „changers“ have completely devalued parliamentarism in its form,“ said VMRO co-chairman Iskren Veselinov. He pointed out:

– Measures for the responsibility of politicians;
– The prosecutor’s office should leave the system of judicial power;
– Increasing the powers of the president – to have the right to propose a government composition for voting;
– Educational qualification for voting.

Veselinov emphasized that we are on the way to new elections. He asked quite important questions for society:

“What’s next after these elections? And aren’t we facing an election whose end is foreknown, as many commentators and sociologists say? And why do we have them then and what will they change?

The co-chairman of VMRO addressed the president directly:

„Radev must be brave. Not only to seek solutions through elections, but also to propose solutions that are within his constitutional powers. Bulgaria is trapped in the political system it has built over the last three decades. This system obviously cannot produce other results. The parties will continue to guard their red lines because they are fighting to keep their little remaining electorate. The parties will continue to guard this, for the same reason – to keep their seats in parliament.“

Vesselinov drew attention to the constitutional changes proposed by VMRO:

„The truth is that it is not the parties that should choose the executive power, but the Bulgarian people. This should be done directly – in two rounds and the people themselves should choose the „lesser evil“. We at VMRO have been insisting on this for a decade. But for that, the Constitution needs to be changed. System change. A change in the rules is needed. For this reason, we appeal to President Radev to have the courage to submit this project for constitutional changes, which we handed him 7-8 months ago, predicting what will happen in the parliament, to the National Assembly. For us at VMRO, it is precisely in these proposals that the real solutions to the problems accumulated in the state are given. The problem of corruption, the right to impeach the person you elected, the right to hold politicians, judges or prosecutors accountable for their decisions. Enshrining these voters’ rights in the constitution will make politicians, magistrates, mayors, municipal councilors, state administration realize that every action has consequences and not to play with human destinies. An educational qualification should be introduced for political corruption embodied in vote buying. Mandatory! To remove the bought vote of the marginals!”

„Last but not least, the Prosecutor’s Office! Everything is mimicry in the judicial reform, if this prosecutor’s office is not removed from the judicial system and the prosecutors do not stop influencing the decisions of the judges. This can be done again only through constitutional changes through the Grand National Assembly. And whether the Bulgarian political class will have the courage to do it – it depends on the president“, the co-chairman of VMRO is categorical. He directly points to the head of state, Rumen Radev, as the bearer of this right and of this responsibility to provoke the conversation and bring to the National Assembly the written texts that would bring about the necessary changes for the state.

We remind you that the idea of constitutional reform was presented in its entirety on July 4, 2022, at a press conference by the three co-chairmen of VMRO – Angel Jambazki, Iskren Veselinov and Alexander Sidi. Here are some of its highlights:

„Revocation of all electoral bodies, reduction of the number of deputies, increase of presidential powers, mandate of elective offices, compulsory voting and educational qualifications, guaranteed protection of the traditional family and educated birth rate.“

In order to fulfill these tasks, VMRO presented its draft amendment to the Constitution to the head of state and to all parties in the 47th National Assembly.

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