In less than a week: „Breeze“ Swimming Club with irregular competitor again? Does the swimming federation control this club or is it complicit?

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In less than a week, after the Bulgarian Swimming Federation (BSF) admitted that Burgas „Breeze“ Swimming Club participated with an irregular Russian competitor at the State Children’s Swimming Championship in Sandanski, the club shamelessly repeated the same at the State championship for juniors and girls in Varna. As you can see again, a Russian competitor, registered in Russia and participating in at least two competitions in his homeland this year, is also registered by „Breeze“, competing for Bulgaria.

The swimming clubs commented to our media:

„At the moment, the State Championship for boys and girls up to 17 years old is taking place in Varna, where the same case is repeated again with the championship in Sandanski. PC Breeze has carded a Russian athlete who has already competed in Russia at two championships, one of which was a national championship. This is the same analogous case. Just a week ago the swimming club was warned by the Federation and he apologized for his actions.

We remind you that last week the State Team Championship for children was held in Sandanski, i.e. up to 12 years. Then several clubs reported to that there was an illegally registered Russian athlete. The Bulgarian Swimming Sports Federation „allegedly“ self-referred, and from there they told us that she was disqualified. Representatives of this sport are adamant that until now, no one has announced to the children, lower in the ranking, when they will receive the medals they deserve.

Separately, this is not reflected anywhere in the official ranking on the website of the Federation.

These actions seriously raise the questions:

– Does the Bulgarian Swimming Sports Federation carry out its control functions in relation to this club or vice versa – „closes its eyes“ and assists it?

– How many times can a team get away with a so-called „final warning“?

On this occasion, our editorial staff once again contacted Chairman of the Bulgarian Swimming Sports Federation, Georgi Avramchev. He commented:

„I’m not in Bulgaria and I’m not familiar with the case, but I will get to know it tomorrow, as we have a board of directors. I guarantee you that specific measures will be taken at the council. My proposal will be a final warning to exclude the club from the system of the Federation for systemic violations for such errors – admission of irregular players. We will take the points of that child or children. We can’t be talking to „Breeze“ Swimming Club every Saturday and Sunday. I am unpleasantly surprised by this club, but all decisions – to release irregular players – are entirely their responsibility. I can’t understand why they do this thing, but it’s already becoming a bit of „too much’.“ In case of open violations, the Federation disqualifies such competitors and take away their points.“

Still, there is one small peculiarity that these Russian competitors who live in Bulgaria do not swim for a Russian club, because there the system for the organization of swimming in Russia is by region, but this does not exempt them, swimming in a competition in another country, to swim for a Bulgarian club. The federation can punish them, take away their medals and points, but we have no way of controlling over 7,000 competitors, whether they participated in any championship outside our country. There is no way to check it in advance,“ Georgi Avramchev stressed.

Avramchev pointed out that the results of the regular competitors from the championship in Sandanski would be corrected in September, then the children would also receive their medals.

The team will continue to monitor what is happening in the swimming circles and, if necessary, will refer their questions to other institutions!

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