Importing poultry products from third countries poses risks: The Union of Poultry Breeders calls for control (Part 2)

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The Bulgarian control authorities should monitor what poultry products are being supplied to Bulgaria from third countries. This is what the Union of Poultry Breeders in Bulgaria calls for. Their appeal was made after asking whether they are also victims, like the grain growers, of imports from Ukraine, in which the supplied products are offered at lower prices and as a result Bulgarian production is uncompetitive. As for the eggs, Dr. Petya Petkova explained:

„There are agreed quotas according to which eggs from approved repacking centres from third countries actually enter. Unfortunately, not all the criteria that are covered by our producers are also covered by those in third countries, as there are monitoring programmes, a residue control programme and the treatment of poultry with medicinal products. The requirements set by the European Union (EU) and the European Green Deal are really high.“

We hope that the authorities will monitor what products are coming, whether they are from approved companies and especially whether these producers follow the same practices as we do, Dr Petkova added. In her words, the Union is in constant contact with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, which are the competent structure for constant control.

Asked what the risks are, she said that there were many, but the first one was undoubtedly bird disease.

„On the other hand, there is the control of salmonellosis, especially in poultry and eggs, the control of residues, treatment with medicinal products, then there is no waiting for the specified quarantine period after which these products can be offered. So in purely health terms – these are the main parameters from which we can expect any problems. And they are not few at all,“, she believes.

We remind you that in the first part of the interview for, Dr. Petya Petkova stated that the price of eggs for Easter is not expected to increase. Tomorrow, we will also publish the third part, in which we will reveal more information about the bird disease vaccine.

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