How does the unusually warm water in the Black Sea affect fishing in early June?

Черно море
Черно море. Снимка: Общомедия

The sea water temperature on the Southern Black Sea coast reached 24 degrees, which is unusual for the beginning of June. According to experts, such values are usually reached at the end of the month, when the astronomical summer begins.

The news is good for the tourist season, with most of the beaches at our seaside resorts already full. The unusual phenomenon could still have a significant impact on fishing.

Some of the changes are related to migration routes, as many fish species migrate depending on water temperature. Warmer water can cause fish to move to deeper and cooler water or migrate to other areas where the water is more suitable for them.

Warmer water can also lead to a decrease in oxygen due to intense algal blooms. This can create stress for the fish and even lead to mortality. This can accordingly reduce the number of fish in certain areas.

Food chains are also changing because of the impact on the availability and distribution of plankton, which is a staple food for many fish, affecting their populations. Another problem is related to an increase in diseases and parasites, which develop more easily in warmer water.

However, warming may also have some positive changes related to increasing biodiversity by attracting new fish species and faster reproduction to help populations recover.

The phenomenon is expected to have a complex impact on fisheries, including both positive and negative aspects. Managing these changes requires careful monitoring and adaptation of fishing practices to ensure sustainability and conservation of marine resources.

In June, Bulgarian fishermen usually catch horse mackerel, crucian carp, turbot, gobies and black cod.

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